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  1. noahcstewart

    Roundnose Superjet Hull SOLD

    No engine, no electronics, no ride plate, no grate everything else is there Hood is showing Roundnose syndrome. $2600-located in Oakwood, Georgia
  2. noahcstewart

    2001 Roundnose Superjet

    Purchased this ski blown up in 2021. I haven’t even completely torn down the engine yet to discern the cause. It was seized up and crusted over when I got it. It’s going to get a twin carb 701 and a b pipe and eventually a head
  3. noahcstewart

    Other 1992 Zodiac Projet Jetboat

    This thread is intended to help myself and other Zodiac Projet owners to keep track of the very little information known about these little boats. The power plant and drive train are all waverunner 3 junk so I hope that it is welcomed here as I can’t find much, I’ll be adding links for what I do...
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