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    Super Jet Oem starter washer kit

    Hello I want to rebuild a starter normally I don’t use new washers but at this starter I ordered the oem starter washer kit But now I am confused because in this kit are 5 of the small washers for the backcover The manual shows only 3 ones and also only 3 where installed Somebody know why...
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Okay so I can check it on a old motor which will be placed on the workbench. Do I have to take care about anything when I do that ?
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Really nice but you check more than the resistance and change some parts you you have an instruction what you check
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Okay I also changed many of them but I hoped somebody can tell me a better way to test the stator and figure out what is the problem instead of changing the parts the whole time and test it in the ski and when it’s another part do it again :-)
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Heated it up to 185f measuring lines have a resistanceOf 0,9 ohms so everything looks good. Checked it at the end of the wires and also moved them to check if there is any broken wire. The ski rundgehest with a different stator so I think there can’t be any problem somewhere else. Any idea how...
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Right and I don’t have a weak spark I have a spark only when I release the start button so I think it could be the pulser coil but good idea to heat it up and check the resistance then
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Why do you think the charge coil is the culprit. I know normally they have a problem and I still changed them on two other skis but they had a different error indication. Not giving a spark when I release the start button like on this stator. But Please let me know why it is the charge coil
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    Super Jet Stator problem with spark

    Hello I had a problem with my spark this weekend. Ski does not start. Try it with break cleaner to check if there is a fuel problem. Check the spark. Spark was okay at the beginning but when I check it Again it only fire up when I release the start stop button. Changed the start stop. Same...
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    New JetManiac MASTER PARTS LIST - New/Used Yamaha and Custom Build Parts

    Do you have a sbt crankshaft in stock ? I am not able to send you a massage. Would be nice when you contact me
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    MSD Enhancer - Can it be fixed?

    You also have so much problems with the msd enhancers ? I have 3 ones doesn’t work any more. And I don’t ride in sold water. No corrosion
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    Used RN SJ Engine Parts

    Pm send
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    Wax racing yamaha fuel pick up

    Is it also available in black ?
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    Standup hull options in 2021

    Nice idea
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    Hydro turf which pattern is this?

    Cut diamond blue Camo
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    Really nice
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    New billet manifold

    Hope it will be available soon
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    MIDSHAFT SHOP - Intermediate Shafts for SuperJet, Blasters -new,used,rebuilt

    Do you have oem Midshaft housing in stock ?
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    Old school Freestyle!

    Oldschool rules
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