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  1. RookieOTY

    Tuning help?? 5mill stoker

    So I picked up a 5mill stroker 62t cases with 61x top end, I have a set of dual 44s with pro tec intake I have v2 reeds with a spacer plate also plan to run hot products flame arrestors anyone got any advice on jetting and pop off? Any tips help! Thanks
  2. RookieOTY

    Fixed steer sj & rocker SJ

    Fixed steer has a rear rocker watercraft factory hood it’s re enforced fresh paint and turf built this winter and rode at Daytona it was a blast but getting a v3x looking to get 4000 for hull/hood Orange RN has rocker kit and -3 or 4 in the rear needs to be re enforced has a chip in side from...
  3. RookieOTY

    750sx Need Help Bendix & start stop

    So ik there is a washer that is supposed to go on flywheel cover at end of bendix anyone have a picture or know how it goes I lost that washer and been 6 months since I touched this project can rember how it goes exactly also do these o rings go on the bendix?? Next question is how do I wire my...
  4. RookieOTY

    Putting 750 small pin together

    so finally getting around to finishing my x2 build just painted ski over weekend now to get my motor together and find all my scattered parts! Looking for any advice on putting this motor together and figured I’d share my build do have a few questions Anyone know torque specs? how do crank...
  5. RookieOTY

    B pipe/Carb tuning need help!!!

    I have B pipe and ADA 180psi head single carb I can’t get the ski to pickup from low end it drags and is boggy untill it clears out it’s fine after it clears out and above half throttle or so the hood on ski only has 1 Air Inlet I am going to add another because I feel that’s some of the issue...
  6. RookieOTY

    650/X-2 X2 build help!

    I just picked up a X2 I want to build myself anyone have pics or videos or any input to help me out I want to cut few inches off rear and round off the front and the cut hood down any input or links is appreciated
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