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  1. Big Chris

    My ET 967 build for 2022

    Managed to buy a ET967 kit after Art passed away. Kit came with head, domes, cylinders, powervalves, pistons, rings, wrist pins and all orings. I will document the build here. This engine is going into a 2021 Rickter XFS Ninja Pro V2. I needed to make crankcases, which I covered in another...
  2. Big Chris

    Pair of SBN 46s

    Looking for a "stock" set of SBN46s.
  3. Big Chris

    Reproducing ET Crankcases

    I was lucky enough to find a complete NOS ET 967 kit for a fair price. Thing is since Art is unfortunately no longer among us, and Mark Erikson isn't up to speed yet, availability of a crankcase is non-existent. By pure coincidence, a local friend has his 1107 torn down for maintenance and...
  4. Big Chris

    Rickter Box for Sale in North Eastern Pa

    I have a Rickter XFS Ninja box that is in excellent shape. Perfect for anyone shipping a hull. $25 takes it. five 7 0 seven 0 four eighty seven sixty
  5. Big Chris

    2021 Rickter XFS Ninja Pro V2 in Pennsylvania

    Arrived Friday 6/25/21. Might be the first one on the east coast. Will post an unboxing video and some clips from this build. This is a Carbon Core version. Hull and hood weighs 98.55lbs
  6. Big Chris

    Cerakote on a 701

    I used the air cure Glacier Silver (C-7700) and Burnt Bronze (C-148). Each part was chemically stripped, any casting imperfections were sanded/ground smooth. Each part was sandblasted w 80 grit aluminum oxide, soaked in acetone, then Cerakoted. Stainless and brass carburetor components were...
  7. Big Chris

    Has anyone cc'd a stock 64U head?

    If so what did you get? I did mine and I want to compare. My engine is "new to me" and want to verify if it has been cut or not.
  8. Big Chris

    Is this the stock engine?

    First post. Bought a 2013 SJ, was told the engine was stock. Engine is silver/gray. 62T cases 61X cylinders 64U head. Does this seem right?
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