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  1. aboarder

    Where to Find 1/2" Vinyl Cooling Line

    I've seen it on other skis. I know it exists. I'm looking for blue translucent cooling line. The same stuff as many of us use for fuel lines. Blowsion and a few others sell 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8. I'm trying to find 1/2". I've found it with 1/16 wall thickness, but I'm looking for the thicker stuff...
  2. aboarder

    WTB 440/550 stator

    Looking for a colleague. Within or shipped to Canada. Might go for other parts like A/M pipe.
  3. aboarder

    Strange Timing Issue - Need Help!

    My TBM flywheel recently broke at the hub and damaged the charging coils on my stator. I bought an aftermarket stator and borrowed a stock lightened flywheel while I wait for mine to be repaired. I got everything back together and it wouldn't start. It backfired at one point then started...
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