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  1. rhugo21

    2017 Superjet __ Hermosa Beach CA $4800

    2017 Yamaha Superjet Bought brand new from Kommander in 2017. Built for Freeride. Original owner and title in hand Ski currently has: 61X Motor MSD Factory B Pipe (New in 2018) RRP Pole RRP Pole Bracket Jetworks OVP Steering Riser Bars Cold Fusion Battery Box Cold Fusion Internal Fill Blowsion...
  2. rhugo21

    2014 Rickter FR2 Evo 1 --- Hermosa Beach CA $7,000

    2014 Rickter FR2 Evo 1 --- Hermosa Beach CA $7,000 Hull Hood Hood Hooks and Receivers Billet RRP Pole Ratchet Strap Old Style Chinpad (not one pictured) Blowsion HD Steering Cable (new in June 2021) Rideplate Jet Dynamics 155 Pump Shoe SJ Waterbox Long Exhaust Hose OEM SJ Motor Mounts Kenney...
  3. rhugo21

    New 2014 Rickter FR2 Evo - Hermosa Beach CA $13,000 RTR

    2014 Rickter RRP FR2 Evo -760 motor (pulled out of a Yamaha Waveventure with 32 hours on gauge) -Brand New Dasa Girdled Head (195/195 psi) -New B Pipe from Factory Pipe (impossible to get) -Dual Mikuni 38's w/ Force Carbon Reeds -62T Stator and Flywheel -MSD Enhancer -155 OEM Pump w/ shortened...
  4. rhugo21

    WTB Mint Fx-1 SoCal

    As title says. Would be open to shipping one in too. Cash in hand
  5. rhugo21

    Clean Yamaha 760 Electronics and Dual 44 Carbs

    Both of these came off an immaculate, freshwater running Blaster 2. Very low hours. 760 Electronics- Ebox (cut temp sensor), flywheel, flywheel cover and stator $350 shipped Dual 44mm Mikuni Carbs with all hardware $275 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. rhugo21

    Yamaha OEM Mikuni Dual 44mm Carbs

    Came off a 1997 Waveventure 760 with 35.1 hours on it. Complete setup as pictured. Very clean carbs and reeds. Won’t find anything used cleaner than this. Please notice, there are only two bolts on flame Arrestor and on the mounting bracket for Arrestor. $275 shipped from Hermosa Beach CA...
  7. rhugo21

    Part Out 35.1 hour 760 Electronics

    35.1 hour 760 Electronics. Everything works flawlessly. Cut the temp sensor wires. Everything out of 1997 Waveventure that was the owner of DG performance personal ski. Dude barely rode it Comes with: -Ebox -Stator -Flywheel Cover -Flywheel Lowest hour and cleanest electronics you will find...
  8. rhugo21

    Part Out RRP Chinpad / Yamaha Superjet Parts

    Old style RRP Chinpad w/ hardware $175 shipped Couch Mounts $50 shipped Working Start Stop Switch and lanyard $60 shipped (from a waveraider) Blowsion SJ 1996-2020 Exhaust outlet Cover $45 shipped Brand New UMI Superjet Steering $75 shipped Brand New Hot Products Billet Mikuni 38 Carb...
  9. rhugo21

    Used 61X/62T Motor

    61x/62T Motor for sale $375 61x Stock bore Cylinder 62t Cases Oem crank 180/180 psi Milled OEM head Comes as pictured. Recently pulled out of a Rickter I recently bought . Oceanside surf ski so crusty but motor runs strong. Crank has seen some water ingestion due to rust on rear part of...
  10. rhugo21

    Want to Buy B2 Wear Ring

    Looking for freshwater B2 155mm wear ring. Only will consider B2 wear rings. Shipped to 90254 Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. rhugo21

    Want to Buy Jetpilot A10 Comp Vests

    Been wearing these for a looong time. Recently had one swiped and one fly out of the back of the truck. Not a fan of the newest ones. Current one I’m wearing is thrashed Looking for a couple. Size xl/2xl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. rhugo21

    Jetworks CSS Steering & Riser Bars

    Looking for a Jetworks CSS steering system only, wont consider anything else. Also need some Riser bars PayPal ready or cash if you’re in SoCal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. rhugo21

    Want to Buy 1990-1995 SN SJ Long exhaust hose

    Looking for a 1990-1995 square nose superjet Long Exhaust Hose. Price shipped to 90254 or I can pick up in SoCal if close to Hermosa Beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. rhugo21

    WTB Rickter FR2 or SV1 Pro

    Looking for a Rickter FR2 or would consider a SV1 Pro as well. Closer to Hermosa Beach (Los Angeles) the better. Have shipped skis before so not afraid of that route Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. rhugo21

    WTB Cold Fusion Hood Hooks (Hood side) Superjet

    Looking for a set. Color doesn't matter. I'm in Hermosa Beach CA
  16. rhugo21

    Want to Buy Lowered RN Hood

    Looking for a Lowered RN hood before I pull trigger on brand new. I’m in Hermosa Beach CA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. rhugo21

    SOLD Riva Red Pipe SJ

    Riva Red Pipe 701 SJ Needs a spot weld and two bolts removed, see pics. No other cracks Salty dawg of a pipe See these go for $300+ in better condition. Not shipping. $200 picked up in Hermosa Beach or delivered to Oside Boat ramp when I ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. rhugo21

    Engine 61X 701 Motor - Hermosa Beach CA

    61X 701 Motor $550 155/155 psi Stock bore and Never opened up before Has been in salt before but very clean Includes: -exhaust -starter -bendix -coupler -full carb setup (I would suggest a rebuild) -Stator/flywheel/flywheel cover -bedplates -Fully sealed never opened Ebox (I have ebox cap...
  19. rhugo21

    1996 Yamaha Superjet - Hermosa Beach CA

  20. rhugo21

    Yamaha 62T Parts --- Hermosa Beach CA

    Just parted a 62T Waveventure. Was a saltwater ski. All prices are plus shipping -62T Stock Bore Cylinder & Pistons. Had 150/150 PSI before teardown. Has two stuck bolts in cylinder. SOLD -62T Cases $165 -Full 62T Electronics $250 -62T Stator -62T Flywheel and bolt -Full E-box...
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