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  1. Tyler Zane

    New HPE/ABLE billet 8 mil engine, 0 hrs

    Up for sale is a HPE/ABLE billet cylinder, on DASA trenched and plated cases. Crank is an ADR 8 mil. Cylinder is brand new, first bore at 81mm. Crank is rebuilt with 0 hrs. All freshly assembled with OEM crank seals, squish set and ready to drop in. $2400 Pics coming soon. # 850-557-8448
  2. Tyler Zane

    New HPE 5 mil crank, spacer, trenched cases and domes

    This is a new ADR 5 mil crank, hpe spacer plate, crank seals, hpe cut domes for ada head and cases that have been trenched. $1000 Pics coming soon.
  3. Tyler Zane

    New Powerfactor pipe, new in box, price drop

    $1250 shipped, new in box powerfactor pipe.
  4. Tyler Zane

    Blaster Starter replacement on b2

    Does the stock exhaust on a blaster 2 760 have to come off to replace the starter? Before I take on this pig of a job I'd like to know, engine is crusty and I may pass on it if the exhaust has to come off the cylinder..
  5. Tyler Zane

    New @Limitedslip7 A+ seller and welder

    First off, @LimitedSlip7 has excellent communication. Always responds timley and is easy to talk to. Second, his welding skills are crazy. The 4.7 gallon tank I purchased is a absolutely work of art. Everyone's eyes light up when they see it. I also love how easy it is to slip into a ski...
  6. Tyler Zane

    bostonsj, good guy

    @BostonSJ is a great seller. The item I purchased from him got damaged in shipping and without hesitation he made it right. Thanks again, Tyler
  7. Tyler Zane

    Custom/Hybrid NuSplyne Driveshafts

    My buddy, Una Panuna Banks, has created a new shaft design and I have been given one to test in my superjet. This originally came about because there are a ton of blaster 1 guys in my area and they are tired of stripping splines. So far it has been successful in blasters and I do not expect...
  8. Tyler Zane

    Tigercraft sv 1 pole install issue

    So I'm putting a kp pole on a sv 1. Bracket on ski has inside diameter of 2.5 in. Pole tubes are a cunt hair over 2 in inside diameter. Provided hose is 2 in. So the hose fits up in the pole tubes nicely but is a hotdog down a hallway in the bracket. What gives? Do pole companys have...
  9. Tyler Zane

    Tigercraft e box power cables

    How's superjet cables work out on tigercrafts with the ebox mounted next to the carbs? Am I best to get custom length cables?
  10. Tyler Zane

    Kawi cables in superjet

    Looking for the kawi cable that is the length for front mount oem 38s on a superjet. I know the kawi cable long enough for rear mount carbs on a superjet is the 750sx cable... But it's too long for a ski with front mount throttle cable.
  11. Tyler Zane

    Other 1100 zxi help

    Don't bash me too hard because it's not an sxr, but I figured there are enough with the same 1100 in here to help me out before I go over to pwc today. So I have a 1100zxi I'm putting together with buckets of parts. All is well mostly but after looking in the service manual, I have determined I...
  12. Tyler Zane

    OD of plug wire

    I'm at work and a buddy has a pile of bulk plug wire he wants to sell. Can someone measure the outside diameter of a coil wire for me, this stuff is 8mm.
  13. Tyler Zane

    Carb cleanup!

    So I'm really happy how these turned out and thought I would share. It was hard to take after pics because they where so shinny. I would try a different product to strip the paint next time, the aircraft paint remover worked but took awhile to brush on and about 30 to soak. Even after a couple...
  14. Tyler Zane

    Throttle plate screws

    I was working on a set of carbs today and noticed one of the throttle plates where loose. I centered the plate and tightened the screws. I tried pinging the threads of the screws so they couldn't back out but those screws are hardened and just chip and break. Any thoughts, do I even need to...
  15. Tyler Zane

    Powder Coating

    Hey, im thinking about getting B pipe powder coated, mani, headpipe and chamber. Any recommendations?
  16. Tyler Zane

    Help with carb tuning

    Im have bee having trouble dialing in a set of OEM 44's on a Able cylinder/HPE 8mil. I can dial it in on the lake and it will run great but as soon as I hit the surf it starts loading to the point where it just runs terrible. I can also dial it in to run great in the surf but then it doesn't...
  17. Tyler Zane

    Custom/Hybrid Ratski 2.0

    Some of you may remember ratski, the clapped out js440 with a 701. It's been around and ridden by many, all who loved it. Well now i introduce ratski 2.0.. it's a 1990 square with a adr 8mil stroker with an hpe/able billet cylinder on top with fully ported cases. It's a fking animal to say...
  18. Tyler Zane

    Hpe, Matt Hobson

    Huge shout out to @holeshot! Great guy! He is super helpful with tuning and keeps answering my questions after build was done. I must say this 8mil hpe/able is a monster! Thanks Matt!
  19. Tyler Zane

    Rear shortened superjet results

    There is a lot of talk over the years of how much people have chopped off the rear bottom deck on superjets but let's compile results. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has struggled determining how much to shorten a superjet. Please reply answering the following questions. 1-How much have...
  20. Tyler Zane

    Fuel tank and exhaust fitment

    I was looking at some of the oversized aftermarket fuel tanks and it looks like they are more exhaust fitment friendly. They look like the have been molded to accommodate the chamber. I'm going to attempt to put a B pipe on a 701 conversion 550sx and was concerned with fitment. It would also...
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