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  1. TL91

    SOLD ADA 38mm FA Adapters

    Clean set of ADA flame arrestor adapters for the Mikuni 38mm carbs. This design allows for proper flame arrestor clearance needed when running the ADA head. $40 shipped.
  2. TL91

    64x 760 Stator/Flywheel Cover

    Stator off a 64x 760 engine. Flywheel cover has oil pump block off installed. $165 OBO Shipped.
  3. TL91

    144mm Reduction Nozzle

    Looking for a clean 144mm reduction nozzle for an SJ. Must have the two threaded bosses near the mounting ears for the trim ring to mount to. I have a 144mm nozzle with the vanes and syphon and visibility spout tubes removed, filled, and sanded flush that I'd be willing to trade for. There is a...
  4. TL91

    SOLD Cold Fusion Yamaha Flywheel Lock

    Cold Fusion flywheel lock / holder tool for holding your flywheel in place while torqueing the flywheel bolt. In great shape, no issues with it, just don't need it any more. $50 shipped OBO Sold
  5. TL91

    Reduction Nozzle Filler

    I'm wondering what people have used to fill in the holes left in an OE reduction nozzle after removing either the visibility spout fitting or the stock siphon fitting? I've prepped mine very well, filled it with JB weld, and sanded it back flush and I've had the JB Weld break off of it twice...
  6. TL91


    Beware of purchasing from or dealing with Austin Farr, AKA @SexPanther on here. Dumbass username for a dumbass person. I should have known. Had a poor experience in dealing with him and here’s what went down: I’ve been casually looking for a clean midshaft for a future build and noticed he had...
  7. TL91

    SOLD Yamaha 760 Cylinder

    Selling my 760 cylinder. In good shape but the one cylinder will need a bore in order to make it usable. Asking $215 shipped. SOLD
  8. TL91

    Diamond Hydroturf Sheets (Black and White)

    I've got some extras from different projects I've done. The black turf has a larger area of approximately 30"x42" and a smaller section of approximately 31"x10". Asking $45 for that one. The white tuft has a larger area of approximately 63"x26" and a smaller section of approximately 18"x7"...
  9. TL91

    Engine 550sx Reed Valve Motor

    Wondering if anyone has a 550 reed motor out there for sale. Let me know what you got and how much you're looking to get for it.
  10. TL91

    X2 Cover

    I thought someone was making X2 covers that fit really nicely with aftermarket/taller bars on X2's, but I can't seem to find any info on it now. Does anyone know if someone is making these? The only other option I see is a Covercraft cover from Hot Products, but it says they don't have any in...
  11. TL91

    OEM 155 Pump and Wear Ring

    Selling a Yamaha OEM 155 pump and wear ring. OE pump part number is 65A-R1315-00-00. The wear ring is a Wave Blaster II ring, OE part number 64Y-51312-01-94. They only made these for 2 years and it's the only OE Yamaha 155 pump that ever had the pump bolt threads in it like the OE SJ wear rings...
  12. TL91

    E-Box Compatibility

    I'm wondering what the compatibility or interchangeability is between various Yamaha electrical boxes? Mainly, the coil, starter relay, and voltage regulator? I'm looking for an E-Box for my spare 61x/62t motor and couch E-boxes seem to be a dime a dozen, however, when you look at the part...
  13. TL91

    B-Pipe Bling Bolts

    Selling a brand new set of A2 stainless steel headpipe bolts for a Factory Pipe B-pipe. If you've looked into this upgrade you know that these M10x1.25mm pitch bolts are not easy to find. Comes with the flat washers and lock washers. I've got two sets, one that has 45mm length bolts and one...
  14. TL91

    Starter Motor

    Looking for a Yamaha starter motor for a Superjet. Yamaha part number - 6M6-81800-10-00
  15. TL91

    Gray/Charcoal Yamaha Engine Paint

    Before anyone get's too bent out of shape, let me open by saying I have in fact searched this topic extensively and I've come up short so this is why I'm posing the question - Has anyone found a good paint match for the OE Yamaha gray/charcoal engine color? Things I've found in my search on...
  16. TL91

    New Product Idea

    Trying to get a feel for level of interest on a new product idea I have before ordering a production-volume run of these. The Idea: A seamless two-piece bolt on filter adapter The thought: Get the performance of a press-fit high-end carburetor inlet design (Novi, FS, Thrus, etc.) without...
  17. TL91

    64r or 62t Reduction Nozzle

    Looking for a 64r or 62t reduction nozzle that is in good mechanical shape. Will take a 62t, but it has to have the two mounting bosses for the steering nozzle bracket to mount to. Doesn't need to look pretty cosmetically.
  18. TL91

    SOLD Throttle Lever

    Bronze and black colored throttle. In good shape. SOLD.
  19. TL91

    My $220 Beach Cart

    After looking around at beach carts for a while, I decided to make my own. The cheapest one I could find was a Tiger Tote for $535, plus the ~$100 oversized shipping charge that goes on top of that, you're looking at close to $650 for the cheapest beach cart I could find. Not terrible for what...
  20. TL91

    SOLD Driveshaft

    Selling a '96-'07 fitment driveshaft. This came out of a pump I bought, so I have never personally ran it. Overall, it seems to be in ok good shape. The rear threads are a bit banged in from the previous owner and it looks like they also attempted to clamp the shaft when installing or removing...
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