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    Freestyle Is plug reading completely useless on a freestyle ski?

    Or maybe I suck at tuning? I seem to end up with a rough pattern of going down on the low speed jet until I get a hesitation, then up a little so I don't, then down on the high speed jet until I don't feel like it's doing anything, back to the low speed to make sure the high speed didn't...
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    Skat 155 non-setback or any 155 mag pump

    Would ideally like to find a skat non-setback 155, only need the stator section but would consider any 155 mag pump for the right deal.
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    Complete B pipe for sale (sold)

    Complete B pipe, limited chamber. Cosmetically not perfect but fully functional, all screws turn easily, all gasket surfaces are nice, no helicoils. There is one spot where the chamber was gouged by the screw head from a front sponson, and another ding I think from hitting beadplate...
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    Wanted (found): pro tec half girdle

    Want to add a girdle to a stock head. I think Pro Tec was the only company to make these but not sure, anyway if you've got a girdle that can be added to a stock head, I'm interested.
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    Nozzle shape

    Three nozzles, shaped as such. Say you are running the same nozzle bore size and the same impeller, everything is the same except for the shape of the nozzle. What is the affect of the different nozzle shapes?
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    Wanted: pro tec mach 2 pipe

    Specifically looking for the mach 2 version, no interest in a mach 1. I have a speedwerx dry pipe in pretty nice shape that could possibly trade.
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    WTB Kawasaki Dry pipe manifold cracked/damaged any condition

    Looking for a Kawasaki dry pipe exhaust manifold. I will be cutting and modifying so any condition would be considered, kinda prefer not to screw up a good one and obviously cheaper is good.
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    Are 89mm DASA pistons the same as CR500?

    Anybody know? Or if not what the difference is? They have a different Wiseco part number, so it looks like there is probably some difference but not sure if it's significant.
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    Type 4 pipe in Superfreak...does it fit?

    In a Titan or Badass, does it fit? Anybody done it? Have pics? Googling around and digging through old threads it looks like the original badass hull and "tall" hood may have been designed to fit the old school over the top type pipes but I wasn't able to find any pictures or anybody saying...
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    wtb: sn nose cover with or without fuel door (prefer with fuel door)

    Would consider anything from minty to janky and broken, let me know what you've got.
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    DVX hood seal

    What should I get? Is it designed to work with an oem seal? Is oem the only way to go? I see there is a lower cost Watcon seal, any expiriences?
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    WTB 64x/760 mag cover and stator

    Looking for mag cover/stator assembly, would probably take a flywheel too, and maybe the whole electrical system for the right deal.
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    What is the quietest lay down pipe waterbox?

    I just tried out a TNT pipe and box for the first time. The box is so huge I figured it would probably be relatively quiet but it's pretty loud, this ski I'd like to keep reasonably quiet, is there some other box that would be worth trying?
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    B pipe water injection with spraybar (not using screws)

    I have an old B pipe header that somebody welded the center screw hole closed, got it cheap, thinking about modifying. I'm going to be using it on a motor that I want to be more mid to high powerband, and since the lower screw is so hard to access while installed, I was thinking about welding...
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    SOLD_SBN 46 carbs, R&D intake w/speed plate, VF2 reeds

    $300 Pair of SBN 46 carbs, plain old unmodified sbn46's from Mikuni. I never ran them, looks like they're in good shape. $200 R&D intake manifold with speed plate. Looks like it's good for up to 48mm carbs. $150 VF2 reeds Whole package for $600
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    Used RRP Chin Pad Blue SOLD

    RRP chin pad $100 + ship and fees and such, or best offer
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    What's with all the molds for sale

    I see superfreak and hurricane are both selling off thier molds. Hopefully they go to a good home.. And hopefully this is just because they have something new/better on the way!
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    Let's talk paint

    Let's talk paint, from low dollar to not so low dollar. On the low dollar side, I've seen a few people who have used the rustoleum epoxy appliance paint. Anybody have experience with this to share? Then as a step up I see some reference to the valspar tractor paint with hardener (sprayed...
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    Xscream DVX hull fixtures

    I recently picked up a DVX hull, it looks like it's missing whatever is supposed to secure the steering and trim cables to the hull. Anybody know what is supposed to be there and how to install? Other hulls that I've owned had an aluminum tube for the trim and a plastic tube for the steering...
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    Old b pipe head pipes vs newer head pipes

    On older b pipe head pipes with the smaller diameter at the manifold, is the only difference the bore at the manifold? So if that's bored out to the larger diameter performance will be there same as a newer head pipe?
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