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  1. Tpete115

    SOLD Minty 1994 Yamaha superjet

    Entertaining the idea of selling my 94 superjet, as it doesn't get used and would rather have a boat to enjoy with kids. Ski is all original with the exception of bars, grips, finger throttle, hooker prop, jet dynamics intake grate and ride plate. Hull has typical scratches on underside and has...
  2. Tpete115

    SOLD blowsion finger throttle

    Blowsion finger throttle brand new no adapter $50+ shipping or will trade for black or orange
  3. Tpete115

    61x stock flame arrestor

    Looking to buy stock flame arrestor assembly in good condition.
  4. Tpete115

    SJ hull

    Looking for 96‐07 sj hull. Let me know what you have. Can be reached at (517)673-2489 as well TIA
  5. Tpete115

    SOLD 2006 Yamaha Superjet

    Ski is clean and in great shape. I bought from the original owner this summer. Has limited b-pipe, flow control valve, atp waterbox, 9/15 hooker, ride plate, intake grate, thrust steering, rrp fat bars, thrust finger throttle, front and rear footholds, tom 21 tubbies. Ski needs nothing but a...
  6. Tpete115

    Super Jet Ocean Pro ride plate

    Probably a long shot, but looking to buy an ocean pro ride plate for a superjet.
  7. Tpete115

    SOLD Superjet tank with cold fusion internal fill

    Tank and fill are in great shape. Has a little yellowing from the tank straps. Comes with everything in pictures. Asking $200 + shipping and p/p fees.
  8. Tpete115

    SOLD Drop in ready 62t/61x clean and low hours

    Pulled this out of the Kommander s1 ski that I had. Setup is super clean and rips. Previous owner said it had about 5 hours on it and I probably put one hour on it. Motor was built by Tim Zarnstorff. I was told it was a 760 so I'm not certain if it's just been bored or been re sleeved. It has...
  9. Tpete115

    Sxr factory wet pipe

    Looking for a factory pipe wet pipe for sxr 800. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. Tpete115


    Like title says looking for a hull. May consider other hulls as well. Pm me or text (517)673-2489.
  11. Tpete115


    Looking for a hull. Let me know what you have. Would also consider rtr round or square nose. Pm or text (517)673-2489
  12. Tpete115

    SOLD 2015 Kommander S1 $8900

    For sale is a very low hour Kommander S1 (based off 08+ superjet. Has 760 motor, enhancer, taper bored 38s, skat mag pump, b-pipe, kommander head, rrp billet pole, blowsion steering. Ski is in great shape and runs very well. Can also sell just the hull. Asking $8900. Pm or text (517)673-2489...
  13. Tpete115

    SOLD Kommander s1 hull (yamaha sj setup)

    Seeing if there is any interest in the hull. Currently is a complete ski. Hull is a 2015 or 16 I believe with very little time on it. Hull handles great and is a blast to ride. Will come with ride plate, pole bracket, hood latch, bypass fittings, chinpad and intake grate. Takes any 701 sj...
  14. Tpete115

    New SJ mod parts, Blowsion girdled head, flow control, flame arrestors, t handles, girdled battery tray, and other misc

    All parts are brand new. Was gonna mod a stock sj but ended up trading for a modded ski. -Blowsion one piece girdled head w/35cc domes, girdled hardware, allen head bolts SOLD -blowsion orange flow control valve SOLD -Mikuni t handle adjuster screws SOLD -jetting for b pipe and 38s $20 +shipping...
  15. Tpete115

    SOLD Factory b-pipe (mod)

    Like title says, brand new in the box. Bought this for a stock ski that I was gonna mod, but traded ski for one that was done. 61x manifold, mod chamber. Asking $825+shipping
  16. Tpete115

    SOLD Blue molded hydro turf, under pad, wedge

    Like title says, have one roll of molded blue diamond $50+shipping 1 roll 9mm $10+ shipping 1 roll 18mm $20+ shipping 1" kick wedge $15 + shipping. Would make package deal on it all. If interested pm or text (517)673-2489
  17. Tpete115

    a/m superjet waterbox

    Looking for an h20 designs or jet maniac waterbox for a superjet. Let me know what you have. You can text (517)673-2489 as well. Thanks
  18. Tpete115

    SOLD 95 Yamaha Superjet $3k

    For sale is a very clean square nose with a lot of good parts on it. Has ada head, 44s, prok filters, h20 designs waterbox, b-pipe, jet dynamics intake grate, a/m prop, aluminum pole, bars, odi grips. I bought the ski last year and rode it all summer without any issues. The guy who owned it...
  19. Tpete115

    SOLD 2019 Tigercraft M1

    For sale is a mint 2019 glass m1. Ski is dialed, needs absolutely nothing, just may take a break from the a/m skis since I don't have as much time to ride with a business and two little kids. Ski was assembled in July and has a few rides on it. Here are the specs -glass hull with 2 ride plates...
  20. Tpete115

    Aura steering cable clamp

    Like title says, need one asap
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