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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Illusive gloves for the win. They were at Daytona selling
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    There is not going to be an in person raffle this year. Winners will be drawn and posted online. This is done in an effort to keep some social distancing
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    Random Jetski PIcs

    Last wammer full carbon sj hull. Brand new pulled out of his shop. Was supposed to go to a member of the bin laden family.
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    anyone making custom rideplates?

    Does the bubble wrap help push down more? I got some air bubbles in the corners of part
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    anyone making custom rideplates?

    Honestly this method works extremely well. Yes the mold is ugly. I went one step further and got some tooling gel coat. You can use one of those vacuum cloths bags to get a cheap vacuum bag setup. I got all the supplies I needed to make the mold at Walmart. Just had to order some pealply and...
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    Want to Buy Cast tpe 1105 head shell

    A lot of the billet ones can break too. Or they don’t seal right.
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    2020 XFS G2 ninja competition build

    I think that’s my favorite part about the xfs hull, how it lands and leaves the water. That black ninja pump is also money. Whole ski is top notch. Congratulations
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    Freestyle New Pump + Trim

    If you are looking for the most absolute performance the torrent 157 pro is going to be the ticket without stepping up to the ninja pump. The 157 only comes in the Pro line because of pump changes. I am running one that is being pushed by a 964. The best way to describe the different between a...
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    RRP Carbon VS PFP debate

    Here’s my input. Out of the rrp pipes in our group, only one is still running. The simple reason being, the jet got clogged and they cooked the pipe. Now you can stay on top of it and run a filter, but why risk it? That’s just what I have seen. I don’t think you could ever get me to buy one.
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    Trim system advice (5 degree, raptor, pitch)

    The raptor is going to be a 5 degree upswept only as far as I know. A straight nozzle is going to get you the most height. But one could argue that a 5 degree and not pulling trim could do the same thing. What it came down to for me is that I rode xfs’s with straight and 5 up nozzles and much...
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    Nozzle shape

    Both were opened up to the Max that they could be in an effort to get play with some pump R&D Torrent was doing. We got about 1 more mm out of the 5 degree.
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    Nozzle shape

    So I can comment on this. I ran a 62t vs the 5 degree up 144/148 nozzle. I felt that the bell shape added more low end but negatively impacted handling.
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    New *Black Friday Deal* Solas 148mm

    Still available
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    Can this be repaired?

    When I had a visual carbon Tigercraft, any chip could be touched up with some wet sand paper and rubbing compound.
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    Revolver R for a tall rider

    Why are you thinking about a revolver?
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