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  • Hey man, how's things going
    I hope you had a good winter
    I will take 6 stickers I guess. I will 98% be at the DRR on Saturday. If for some reason I'm not I will hook up with you in the city one day during the week if that works for you. Are you in need of anything from mica to start out the year. Take am look on www.Micasport.com

    hey bro ... sorry man life has been too much to handle ! ... give me a call and i will come to pick up ... 416-931-8090

    We ride at the nuke plant, were 4 of us, but where up for any excursions this summer. Keep me posted on where you guys are riding or all getting together.

    I'm done wrenching for now. Had it out on on the weekend on a small pond at a friend's farm. Still have to get the carb dialed in, but it was feeling really nice overall. I still have to cut a few inches off the hull, but I'll get to that whenever I have the time.
    Hey Mike, how it going? Are you back at work yet? Everything with the surgery go well?
    hey Mike how's it going ,was woundering if you are working and know whats going on with the fire and murder at 6 Doner in stouffville ,Marion DEacon was my brothers neighbour
    hey Vj what do I have to do to become a member of the gta group i put in a request over a week ago and no response please let me know thanks Darryll
    Cool - will do - I'm your local sheriff - I'll be working tomorrow night and Friday night..7pm to 7am - call me and I'll slide by to see you ski / chat...

    Mike 416 399 8484
    I'm taking firefighting. I was a mechanic for a few years but decided I didn't like what I was doing. Message me if you want to go out on the lake for a bit before you store the ski
    I have access to Musselmans - I can get you on but you'd need to be with me - theres alot of politics on the Lake. My skis stored there all year but I haven't ridden much as I had a new baby this year. I'll probably be going this week and putting it away for the year - I use to ride till ice but not any more. I work that area - I'm around all the time - we'll hook up. Mike
    Hey, sorry I just got your message now. Today would have been a good day to ride Musselman Lake. I live right by the intersection of Hwy 48 and Aurora Rd. The houses behind my house are on Lakeshore Dr so I'm really close to the lake. I'm going to school at Seneca, so i'm not working right now. It gives me alot of random days during the week that I can get out jetskiing. It's just too bad I don't have access to a lake closer than Simcoe.
    Hi mike long time no talk having a birthday ride for the wife at wasaga saturd\ay , will have lots of great food and killer bbq hope you can come
    You have to register as a member of our group. Go to social groups and then find join I think and introduce yourself to the group. Welcome.
    What was the price per stand that we were thinking was fair. Need to know before sourcing someone to make them.
    Still have your chair...Your going to have to come out soon to get it. We were out tonight.
    I really wish I could go to the Can Am but I'm in Italy with the girl for a month, untill the end of July.

    Italy is pretty fun, mom isn't to fond of us being here alone as we are only 16. We go to the Ocean everyday and I just want to cry because I don't have my ski here :(
    Mount them with screws and bracing, foam them with 4 pound, then start grinding out until you like how they feel, glass over the foam and into the hold.
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