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    Mud mat help??
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    Water in ear

    I have the same issue - and I think the issue is not water getting into the ears necessarily, but that the water gets behind partial blockages or pushes the blockages deeper like you suggested. I bought a cheap ear flush system from equadose and the poop it flushes out of the ear is disgusting...
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    New Superjet to be dubbed the BN?

    PN or FN depending on if you like the look or not ( Pug nose/Fug nose )
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    What truck? 04-08 triton engines were the years with the 2 piece spark plugs that broke off in the heads. I had quotes for $1200 to replace the plugs on my 06 F150 5.4 since everyone claimed one or more were...
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    JETMANIAC's insane service

    Just gonna pile on with the rave reviews here - ordered some odds and ends from Jetmaniac after he had promptly answered a couple questions and the order was shipped the same day I sent the paypal and arrived 2 days later. Awesome service and he had everything I needed.
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    New sxr hard to start

    Thread back from the dead! This particular SXR starts with choke full on, throttle fully pinned, hit start and within a few revolutions springs to life, turn off choke, done. Once I figured out what this one wanted I decided no primer was necessary. Never had a ski that wanted full...
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    Freestyle peventing turf from fading No idea if it will make the tray too slippery - but on boat seats it doesn't seem as slippery as armor-all or similar stuff.
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    Waveblaster cutting out just on take off after sitting.

    Did you find the issue? My 04 superjet does the exact same thing. Rips great bottom to top - but falls on its face/dies immediately after some warm-ish restarts. Always starts right back up and after a few secs its clean again.
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    New RUBBER Straps, hull hooks, hull mounts- Waterbox, Battery, Misc. Straps

    Didn't see an answer on the deka etx9 battery question - do any of these straps work for that size battery?
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    Deka Battery ETX9

    I put a deka etx9 in my 2004 sj a couple weeks ago and so far no problems. I'm running a stock bore/stroke 701 with 175lbs compression and all the usual bolt ons ( no T/L ) and a bilge pump. Only issue I had was that the battery is so small i've got to find a better way to secure it...
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    Other What do u guys think of this

    Just FYI - there are claims out there ( on the internets ) that braille is really just a re-branded deka battery at a much higher price. I can neither confirm nor deny and have no involvement with either - just something I stumbled upon while looking for a decent lightweight battery myself.
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    Boat registration in GA

    Sure - it's been a tough couple of weeks what with the gas shortage and the dawgs getting beat - but at least we don't live in Tennessee ( or Alabama ) :nana:
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    Boat registration in GA

    Transaction Fees added to your registration fee (starting October 1, 2008) Applications submitted by mail $8.00 Transactions on your computer, Internet $8.00 Transactions completed over the Telephone $10.00 Normally I've a fan of government outsourcing, but in this case it looks like the...
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    Zach Waddle and girlfriend killed

    Thats the way I interpreted it after reading the article. The author was simply stating that the police report was 'matter-of-fact' details, and your postings showed the human side of the story. Regardless, take solace in knowing that you gave a heroic effort and a heart-felt account of the...
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