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  • I have a DVX hull, with a XS900r, Pfp pipe, 46s dual carbs, msd enhacer, and a 155 stock pump. I already have a bore nozzle to 90.66 mm and a 155 thrust trim with a metal nozzle. What prop is everyone running with this setup or what the best recommendation? Lumpy shared me a video on a 900rr and said it was a 10/16. If that would work best what cutback do I need.
    Hi there how's it going . I don't know if you would be interested in doing something like this but I was wondering if you would be interested in building a freestyle ski for me ? Please give me a call . 7054653994
    Hey I was reffered to you by someone coming to the Freeride in GA.. Would you have a stock waterbox for a FX-1 I could use? Please let me know... Thansk.. Marc
    Hi Tricky pls help , have a q8 Sky with a 1000cc dasa pv , TL , 49 bombers , Tassinary etc , on kawi 145 , 14 vein SB Skat with an 11/17 thin blade cut back impeller , with a C+75 swirl , mag kawi , exit nozel 87 mm and steer nozel is 89mm ,ride plate extends 85 mm . With so much power I feel the Ski could be getting more air ..any suggestions on which pump set up should I be on ..appreciated !!
    do you have a 148 prop for me that i can put behind a dasa 1000 and max pump? i am figuring the prop/shaft is going to grenade taking it apart, so i'll be needing one. what do you got and how much? thanks
    if its easier you can send me the pics of your tank and internal fill to my cell, 253-307-6621. thanks
    I owe you a big apology. I sent everyone (I thought) that had PMed me a message that I was going to keep the MSD. And my priority was you as I told you that it was yours. Again I Apologize!!!
    I will go to pay-pay right now and refund your money. If there is any problem on your end or I owe you any money for fees please let me know
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