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  • ya man im trying just dont have the money for that right now im trying to find one for cheaper that needs stuff to get it going like a project that way i can build it up cuz i still have the 650 to ride and practice on ya know if you know someone whose looking to get rid of one let me know would appreciate it i could prob come up with 500
    Find a 650 superjet, they are within 1500 to 1000 for a clean one, and the 650 has a great powerban to start you off. They handle the same as my round nose. same bottom deck throughout the years.
    haha ya iv been looking for a superjet for cheap. iv posted an ad on here for a superjet project but no pms yet. i rode a superjet this past wkend an 05 and it was awesome dude it was fast and easy to ride. and was comfortable. had that blast that pulls you out of the water it was a blast so i need an sj
    Thats great Jake, Im thinking milling your head for some more compression. a pipe will help high RPMS a prop first though. Realistically we need to get you a 650 Superjet.
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