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  • Happy Birthday Bro! Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well with you. We will for sure get out riding this year Im finally getting my passport sorted out. Take it easy!
    oh man--so sorry to hear that! hope you are holding up ok. You can't trade for a bike though! I'm sure Rob can get it figured out. Going to test mine out tonight, so wish me luck.
    Hello! how are ya? been out riding lately? I was having some technical issues with mine, but think it is up and going again. Hopefully we will be out at the pit next week if you are intersted!
    Hey Dude

    Your ski looks dope! Im not a green guy but it looks sweet! I put a internal fill on my SN and got a smoothed over nose piece from a guy I ride with. You should throw one on your boat, they look spank!!!
    Well, we got the head off mine tonite and Rob is taking it to work to clean up tomorrow and then slam it back together on Saturday probably. Gravel pits, Here I Come! So hopefully, weather permitting, Wed. night I'll be out riding. Yipppeee! Jamie and Rob were out there last night and I went down there with the bf just to watch and it was so hard to just stand on the banks! I'll let ya know if we are going on Wed. for sure or not. (oh, by the way, the baby kangaroo was adorable!)
    Hi! haven't been on site in months! Riding yet? Jamie and Rob going tonite to gravel pits on the Grand. I need to put a head gasket on mine, no I'm not going tonite. (sad!!!) Hopefully do that this weekend. We should all start planning a riding/camping weekend again.
    not for me but let me know how much you want for the left overs.
    a friend of mine is doing a 550.
    Hey was was the x mas? Just picked up 3 x2s doing some major rebuilding check out my my pics on sun when i get them up loaded rwc
    haha nice bro, it's fun to break other peoples stuff, until they get pi$$ed and make you feel like a d!ck
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