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    Daytona Covid-asking for a friend

    Go donate blood and they will tell you if you have the antibodies. Might even get a stale cookie and warm gatoraide too.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    Rattle can and jetmanaic stickers is all you need. Or just turf over the whole the thing. :p
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    2021 Daytona Pics

    I must be taking crazy pills again. video im thinking of was the video of the day a couple few years ago. I thought it was your edit.
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    Random Jetski PIcs

    Last year on my way to ride a nearby flooded swamp in the middle of winter.
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    2021 Daytona Pics

    @Big Kahuna When we going to see another Daytona video edit?!
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    check out the Sur-Ron. /thread
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    For cold weather hyperflex 1mm gloves. Warm enough and thin enough you still get a good grip on the bars.
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    mx gloves, hyperflex 3/4 finger 1.5mm gloves and yamaha has a pwc glove that is nice.
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    Check in here and say hi!

    Used to be a freeride there and a sweet ride spot right off the beach until some local grump ruined it..
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    Any other diabetic riders?

    Negative, your body needs fats for those things. Your body does not need carbs at all. Went over a few studies on pubmed and looks like low carb/keto benefit type 2 more so then type 1.
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    Any other diabetic riders?

    What about going full keto or meat only? Do you still need to do the shots?
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    Check in here and say hi!

    Whats up from NorCal! Anyone ride around the Oregon Dunes and Brookings area?
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    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    Are you doing the engraving on real silver coins?
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    Security surveillance camera

    Bought my first new gaming pc since 2010, got everything transferred over and setup etc. But damn thing would beep randomly like the cpu was over heating. After a week of doing all kinds of stress tests and going through bios settings etc I just figured out it is the motion detection of the...
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    Supporting The X. "The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more."

    You could check with riznwild. They make shirts for a few people.
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