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  • Hey its wes been a while just picked up a 99 ski no one wants to ride you still riding harbor closed but always go sea cliff for a few hours seems like no one rides around here no more
    I haven't been riding because I wrecked my back. Still recovering. Will probably be another couple weeks.
    Shane said to hit you up regarding what materials to buy and where to order it. I'm looking to reinforce 2-SN hulls and refoam one of them.
    please let me know your thoughts and opinions.
    Hey if you can guarantee the rusty starter to work, I'd like to offer $70 shipped for the starter, bendix and clear anodized flywheel cover.
    Hey bro! Was wondering if you had a mid shaft for a rn and sn? If they are usable or not does'nt bother me i will still take them!

    Hey parts slinger! Join my new forum when you get a chance and feel free to post on whatever you like!

    I need to get ahold of chad! Tell him to pm me on here if u would. I just sponsored a pro racer out of washington, Tim Gray with one of my brackets for his sn! His pictures are on ski-innovations.com! I'm looking for one or two more people to hook up! I'm also making a shortened rn bracket that will be up for sale soon!!! Also thanks for keeping the thread on the forum going!

    alright we will pick the parts up tomorrow morning. i guess the octane steering parts are bigger thread holes than the sj..... so see ya tomorrow.
    surf is going to be really good on sat..think im going to pismo..wanna come and ride the roach?
    Hey man!
    Looking for some misc parts for a roundie-
    -Pole bolt and nut
    -Scoop grate

    Oxnard111- I wanted to see if you can help me out with who wrenches on stand-ups. I am in Ventura and I kind of hit a snag on trying to figure out my 89 650 sx. Have been taking to lake to get me back in the game after being off for a while, so after about an hour of riding the damn thing starts but giving throttle kills it. Want to get it back in the surf but can't have the thing die on me. I appreciate any help. Chris
    hey im pretty sure i rode with you awhile ago, you had the white superjett with black pole and nose cover, chrome/sparkel x-h20 sticker your buddy had a matching ski.... and we rode with.....aaahhh whats his name from cal coast and i was with brad with the white dodge.........hit me back if this is you...
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