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  • Howdy! Looks like I'm back in action even though my ski isn't. She's still parked from the deployment and surprise the Mom didn't tarp her. Looks like I'll be needing some help and or advice here soon when I start getting her ready to ride again. Hope you're doing good. Went by Will call and not only were you not there they don't even serve dinner anymore?! I was only gone a year...
    I think I might have it sold for 65 shipped..its stainless..but pmme back by thrusday I will let u know
    not going to make it. i don't have any child care and the wife has to work. i wish you guys could swing this way and hang for a night or so. week days works best but i would take anything for a little hang time w/ my peeps.
    Do you have dates for the freeride in Navarre this year? If so I need them so I can plan ahead to get off work for it thanks
    tunnel ported s.p. 750 dual keihen's fpp blaster limited chamber top screw open 2 turn'smain 125 pilot 75 H 3/4 out L 1/2 out stock needle stock spring cut to pop at 20 p.s.i. I am a little rich here but safeGood Luck
    So sorry that we didn't get to go. We didn't realize that it was so far and we had family in Sarasota and it was so hard to get away once they knew we were there.....I really wanted to go the cabin looked awesome.....sounds like a good time was had by all though!!! Keep up the good work though every year it will get better....did you get girly shirts??? If so I would be interested in aquiring one...let me know!
    hey justin, mark said you were going to send me a pm with your paypal info or something?? how much money do you need ??
    I'm using the spare cig lighter port with a cig plug to manually trip the amp for the time being.
    Not sure what is the plan due to my work. However, Mario may go and I will meet him out there for a few days. I may have a promotion at work and will not be good timing if I do...find out more tomorrow...CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME :)
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