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  • Hey man tried calling you about that start stop switch. Let me know if you still got it. Pm me for my numbed
    i just left a message on your phone about the parts i would like. get your junk back together and lets ride.
    Looking for a job. I am OK where I am at money wise $$$$ but I do feel I have reach a career plateau. I need to start looking now so that I don't grow bored.
    I got the DMV paper I was waiting off to draft a letter to those Mother:):):):)ers at Rickenbacker.....I will shake the ground beneath them.
    Yesterday we hit Pismo with Chad. Man I wished I lived closer but I will still drive every chance I get to ride the surf. Surf is where is at, hands down, no arguing about it, surf is the ultimate ride and when it's BIG the adrenaline rush is unbelieveable....and extremely addictive.

    I am determined to push hard and improve my riding....some of the things those guys do is quite impressive....I hope to one day be like them....
    I think I am going back to Bartending.....I used to make a lot of money doing that.....
    It is a shame that in today's world you need to get a second Job to support your family. My currently salary , although is classified as "Middle class", it is still not able to support my Family or literally speaking, pay all the bills in the house. got to do what you got to do for your Family.

    Looking for a Part time now.....
    Fed up with a lot of Sh*t lately. Stuff that has been brewing for a long time and has finally reach the boiling point. Yet in the midst of confrontation I remained calm but firm. I am actually amazed at how I am handling all of this.
    Make your point, put your foot down, draw that line in the the end FIGHT for what is rightfully yours and do not let anyone EVER think they can come into your life and cause turmoil.

    I love my family......

    A day has 24 hours and can be broken down as followed as we spend 8 hours on each of these categories every day.

    1. The Bed:
    Buy the best bed you can find. Spend BIG when it comes to your bed.....remember, you are going to spend 1/3 of your life on it.

    2. Work:
    Do what you love and love what you do. This is the other part of your life that you MUST tune well to achieve happiness. Get up in the morning and go to work with a smile on your face. Nobody is saying you become a clown as there will be bad days but overall the experience has to be one that brings joy to your life.

    3. The House:
    Live in a place you love, a place you like the neighborhood. Take care of your house that your house will take care of you. This is your Kingdom, your safe place where you come back each day from the stresses of life to recharge. This is where you provide to your Family and raise your offspring.

    Do not let anyone mess with these 3 things in your life.

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