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  • hi, do you have any 61x stators in?
    actually scratch that. 62t. just pulled off the cover and it looks like a 62t flywheel. i could have sworn i was running 61x components in the super jet . i must have changed over at some point LOL
    * B pipe gasket - it has the center exhaust hole and 3 mounting bolt holes around the perimeter
    *An intake gasket, the one that is below the dual carb combing plate, it has both intake holes and the then 4 bolt holes around the outer edges, shaped in a slight v-shape

    Also would you have the ebox internal water tight connectors, have one that corroded in half


    Hi Chris, was wanting to see if I can get some parts:
    *Need a midshaft rebuild kit for a Jetmanic housing (bearing, seals and orings), can I get the Koyo brand
    *The rubber dampner between the two midshaft drive couplers
    *A Thrust trim cable replacement
    Hello. I’m interested in buying a 781 motor and electrical. A buddy of mine mentioned that you build a motor for him so I was curious if you could help me out, here’s my cell, 210-363-0677
    Hi Chris - Will Blue port a 760 cylinder and cases for me? Just a free ride 2012 SJ- I know a 61X is better, blah, blah, but I am sure he can make this thing work pretty well. If you guys can make that happen, let me know where to send it and a ballpark $ figure. Thanks very much
    I need a starter for my Yamaha superjet, I just wanted to ask you the options. I’m looking to buy today!
    Josh Watson
    Josh Watson
    Also need some hood straps and maybe a few other goodies
    Hey Chris looking for a Rhaas Products Kawasaki driveshaft Bearing Housing Complete, can you get it and how much? Thanks Tony
    Hello Chris, I would like to order some parts please. (2) throttle cables your custom kawi/yam type, (2) fuel primers, (1) 2.5 mikuni n/s , main jets-(1) 145 150 152.5 155 low speed (1) 120 125 I am jetting a single carb setup. It is an ATP 49 on a 780 with a V3 laydown pipe going to be rec/bouy riding any ideas? Hope you doing well shredding and selling parts . Thanks text cell 909/841-8468 if you like
    Hey man I’m needing some rebuild kits for my 2001 superjet. I think it has dual 38mm sbn but I truly don’t know much about them. I can send you pictures also thanks. Send my a contact please
    Check your inbox. Message sent to you.
    I would like to know the difference between a 718 and 735. I would like you to build me a motor for this ski, do I need to source the cases and cylinder?
    I was under the impression that my 92 donor ski was taking on water which ended up being the stock bulge pump....anywayslong story short the lady came with me and is totally digging the ride. First thing she said was I want this ski and just build your new hull so we can both ride together!
    Need some advice, do you think I should buy a donor ski? I wanna go bigger then 701, btw love those welds on the WB!
    Hello, just wondering what your recommended carb specs are for my 62T JetManiac 735 with sbn 38’s. It’s got a full b pipe as well, having some seat leakage/flooding issues and unsure which size to order. Thank you in advance!
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