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  • Just wanted to know where about in Ohio you are. Im looking for a starter ski. Dose it need anything at this point or is it ready to ride.
    Yo Scott wassup? How are the waves lately? Still dirt biking?
    As you may or may not know I moved to North Carolina 14 months ago, my company suddenly closed the doors & I couldn't find work in FL. New employer gave me a nice raise & a full relo package. Left Jan. 01 in shorts & there was snow on the ground when I got here! I'm in the middle of the state, landlocked, nothing worth riding a ski on within 4 hours drive. Dirt biking is fantastic though. Awesome mountains, trails, bike parks here. Think the roller coaster/hare scramble trail at hardrock, but multiply X at least 2 for fun/scale/size.
    I did have a question that needs your professional opinion - my son is now in college & wants contacts, so we're sending him to get a fresh eye exam. He has astigmatism in at least one eye, but is set on contacts. Do you have any leads on low cost quality contacts we can get him? Still have any samples floating around?
    hey man been trying to get ahold of you for that fx1 pole you said you had i sent you a few pms and have not heard anything, whats the word on a few pictures would like to get it shipped monday if it in good shape. thanks
    Hey do you have any sj fuel tanks?
    Are you riding this weekend on Saturday? If so Kristen wants to come down to ride with you guys instead of going to Jax
    and did you get ur PPFFH yet?
    Had a good laugh with the big dawg the other day as we both just got your name.....We should be embarrassed to admit it but hey, we are Canadian and we also got Bob and Doug Mackenzie what more can I! HAHAHA!
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