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    Using a backflush kit on a 701 with stock head?

    Hey guys, recently installed my new b-pipe and when doing so I got rid of my flush kit that was previously hooked up. I have a stock head, but ordered the 3 way pisser backflush kit off blowsion because I figured that would be easier. My question is, currently I only have 1 pisser since I'm...
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    All I can say is A+++++ seller. I know I dont have much of a rep around here... but I can assure you this is the man to go to. If your unsure of your purchase...ask before you buy and he will help you out.I have a SN with RN box and purchased an elbow off him for a factory mod my...
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    Fitting square bose with RN waterbox and factory mod chamber?

    I figured it out, I had the rotation wrong... still haven't buttoned it up because I'm going to have to remove atleast 1.5-2" of hose. The kink its causing is just to much for heat to even help set it in place. I figure theres no point in adding an exhaust if I'm just going to choke it down...
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    Fitting square bose with RN waterbox and factory mod chamber?

    I was thinking that myself, but I had held the round nose box up to the factory SN and that's the way the inlets/outlets lined up the best. I will try flipping it around tmmrw aswell
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    Fitting square bose with RN waterbox and factory mod chamber?

    So I bought a factory mod setup about a month ago. Haven't really had time until recently to install. Last night I removed the battery, tank, etc; and installed a factory RN waterbox. First off, It seems only one strap will line up for the waterbox. Is this normal? The WB seems secure, the way...
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    Will a blowsion “tnt” water box fit in a sn?

    Hey guys, finally just got back from Florida for my optimus 360 training today, and have all my parts from maniac to start the install. Going to do the exhaust and waterbox this week (brand new b pipe mod with stock RN box and sn exhaust hose. Well see how it goes. While walking the bradenton...
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    Factory pipes site is down, questions on jets for 61x

    It's funny, just checked it on my work computer and there website comes up fine.....when ever I'm on my mobile or tablet it says under construction. So thanks for the replys, and to anyone else trying to access it though your phone just use a computer and the site functions fine.
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    Factory pipes site is down, questions on jets for 61x

    Hey guys, I hate to post this but I've been searching all over the net and cant find it since factory pipes site has been down for the past few weeks. I bought my b-pipe and in the instructions it gives me some jetting reccomendations....but I'm not sure if they're referring to a single stock...
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    2003 SJ - Great Performer! $3,200 after price drop! Make offer!

    Doubt this will still be around...but I'll be be in baton rouge for work at the end of november and would make the drive than. So I'll keep checking in.
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    XMETAL superjet turnplate with fat bar mounts

    Opened it up when I came home today, it does need new bearings and o-rings. Still, at this price it's a deal. $23 for the bearing and seal kit. 70 shipped and its yours....if not I'll hold onto it for whenever I get my wife a ski
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    XMETAL superjet turnplate with fat bar mounts

    Picked up some parts locally yesterday. One piece I bought was this xmetal turn plate for a superjet. I have no need for it since I just purchased a cold fusion from jetmaniac a month ago, but it was worked into the package. Dont know much about it, I haven't opened it up and inspected o-rings...
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    B-Pipe Refinishing, Powder Coat

    Has anyone used swain tech? You dont see them as much in the forums but I've come across them here and there....and their white lightning coating sounds pretty good especially at there estimated price point for 2 stroke systems. Haven't made direct contact yet though (still waiting to get my...
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    Will a blowsion “tnt” water box fit in a sn?

    Hey guys, ran across what I was told was a tnt 701 water box. I was trying to do some research and came to blowsions website where it states it is discontinued....but it was meant for 96+ super jets. I’m curious if this will fit a 701 an and if the only reason that blowion says that is because...
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    Found B-pipe for sn superjet asap

    Is it a limited or mod? And what's your asking price?
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