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  • hello whats been going on,,,have a 1970 nova, this got new off showroom floor in 70,,,keep in touch ,,cool
    hey, hey whatz up how it going ,,been busy paint few wreckes at the house,,an 3 small jobs an all over 70 nova, tri coat peal white,we will have meet for a beer soon,,,
    whatz up .. dude hows it going? do u have a quad ,i was plan going to big rock ,,2200 acres of drit trails,,pretty dam sweet,when lived in cincin, we go every other weekend,,do u do any bmx?? race sunday mors..we is carzy,,my spelling suck,dude,, have a good one,,,
    sweet,,my dam email is all jackup,,ride out eastwood, cc,,give a call 937 718 0384
    hey hey. dude hows it going ?? cool glad to see as a menber of the club,i live 2 min from alex- bell an 741,, 5 min dayton mall, i work out next to the air port,,i like handle poll,an the hitch carry is so sweet ,i have my about 11 to 12 hitch accs, grill,tables,an more ,,heres my number 937 718 0384 ,,phone ringer not working,,just vib,,sorry so long to get back,,last few weeks painted a 34 ford truck, 92 full size with air bags,an a car front an rear bumber,hood,, have a good one ,call anytime me laid off ,,, u have ps3? " TERRILL" freinds list on ps3,,,c me
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