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  • hey guys i guess i need to be a member to right on the gta jetpilots wall so just throwin this out there im going up to wasaga beach this weekend 5 6 7 anyone want to ride?
    You coming riding soon or what buddy? I have a $50 gift card for the brew store with your name on it!!!
    so are you and conrad going to ride burlington saturday and longbeach sunday/monday?
    yeah i got it from mctyre. yeah get terry to weld it, better than making a composite one, well somewhat less work anyways.
    holy chit, you are going to ride this weekend!!!! did you not get that other rideplate fixed? i am getting my msd tommorrow.
    are you going to fix your hood liner anytime soon or what? steve was thinking about loaning you some cables if you want to ride this weekend.
    i seen some spark coming from your plugs today, you wanna ride this weekend alex?
    Hey Jizz, you think you will get your ski done before alex? put your money where your mouth has been the last 4 months.
    right on, i was worried. you know you can alway hit the water before mudcat if you get your ski done. actually you will still be hittin the water before Jizz does, i have lost al hope with him.
    hey hey don't buy the motor for your truck, buy a pump for your ski!!!!!!!
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