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    WTB: RRP Carbon Pipe

    Looking for a carbon laydown chamber, new or used. Thanks
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    Nozzle bore vs impeller pitch change

    Interested in this as well. Also..... X2 on the verrrrrry stuck impeller in one of my spare pumps.
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    Roll call!

    Planning to be there. Wont make it in until Saturday afternoon though.
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    Happy Birthday BIG Kahuna!!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Return of the Lone Star Freeride!

    Interested. I will be in even if I can only make a partial weekend.
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    I have been reading a ton about fuel pressure actually. The carbs are 46’s that were drilled out by XS. I had a spare set on the shelf. Currently running a 80 return jet. I am going to measure the PSI this week and will update my findings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I’ll get back to the water this week to do more tuning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    Sorry. Completely missed that. Mikuni 46's.
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    Hey Guys, Looking to see if anyone has jetting recommendations for their DASA 950. I have been trying multiple combos, documenting each run, adjust, repeat. Think I'm on the right path, just want to see what other people have experienced and be a little on the cautious side to make sure I'm...
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    Freestyle Connection/ Chris Anyzeski

    X2. Great guy and great service all around.
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    Ninja Footholds

    Looking to grab a new or used set of ninja footholds. Anyone know of anywhere that has them on the shelf? Everywhere I have checked is back ordered so far...
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    Big sale parts/jet lift/squidmoose/etc

    Beach cart available?
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    Complete MSD total loss + RRP box + extras

    Is this still available?
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    UPDATED with more parts

    has the motor been bored past the original? What year model is it?
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    New 2020 Rickter Ninja PRO Hull!!

    Still available?
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