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  • I saw and old post that said you ran the rd rev wet pipe and had the water line routing diagram. i was wondering if you would email me that and the jetting specs you stated for dual 38s i purchased the pipe second hand and had no idea what i was getting into with these water lines. Thank you you
    Hey where'd ya go???????????????????
    good ta see ya at havasu
    we headed out to apache junction on friday morn...............
    Grabbed the ski's
    man there mint
    races are great
    so hello ta the lil lady
    river run was cool !!!!!!!!!!!
    we leave in 5 days(world championships)
    when and where ya gonna be
    Were hitting the sonora's and flagstaff, then apache , then mead,
    we should be in havasu for the 7-10th
    then we head back to apache and phoenix and tuscon for the last week
    its gonna be nutzzzzzzzzz
    hope ta see yer pimped out flat
    later bud hope to see ya
    say hi to the lady

    Hey Buddy - ya its been crazy - I lost my stouffville riding spot - and I just haven't had any time with this new house / the move and I'm pretty much looking after my daughter 24X5 when my wifes at work...I've been on my ski twice this year?!! Brutal....I miss you guys I really thought I'd be out alot more this year. Its crazy?!! I'm still looking for a waterproof bidge switch - Guy on X doesnt carry any more - I actually paypaled him and he had to return my cash as he couldnt get them any more..I need a water switch for my bidge still. I have an appointment at noon on Saturday and my wifes gone on Sunday for a business trip there no way I'm going to make it. You guys have to travel HWY400 or 404 north? My new place is at Bathurst and Elgin - you guys more then welcome to stop in on way up or back for beverage and habano? Man I really wish I cold come. Somebuddy jacked my hitch hauler as well I have to get anyother one made..

    Say Hi to the gang - soory again I can't make it..Mike
    When n where??????????
    b - ride
    if not i'll see yah in havasu!!!!!!!!!!
    We leave in 3 weeks
    we'll be there for 3
    Hey mario
    just wondering if you have a line on a js 440/550 flywheel
    i just blew a mag on the lady's
    let me know
    Mario, I'm sorry I haven't the time to meet you at Daytona. I ment to look for you after the raffle, but then it went dark, and I had two friends waiting for me... Thanks however for your ski offer. The temp was also brrrr... We will probably meet next year.
    Hey bud
    do you still have your oceanpro steering nozzle???
    Let me know
    my x-2 could use 'er
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