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  • Hey Will , Havent seen you for awhile so thought I would say hey ! ,, what you running now motor / hull , Just curious :)
    your message folder is full. let me know when you have some room in it. i have a quick question for you.

    Hey I have some money in my paypal account for the X2 driveshaft now,shoot me a pm with you paypal addy in it and I will get it out to you today,thanks
    haha Bitch you were born the year I graduated I knew there was something special about that year lmfao
    it was to meet you will at the surf slam. Name is keith, I had the black and white x2.
    :wavey: Hey you.....wished that you were all here :bigeyes:
    Rode with John Havel yesterday.....that guy is kick ass!!!
    hey i was wondering if you could take a pic of the way you carry your x2 on the back of the truck. Im intrested on how you made that ! I would like to make one for a stand up jet ski because loading in and out of the bed sucks
    hey were going riding at wildcat in alittlebit if you want to go. just waiting on justinn to call. the pitbike race is a no go that pisses me off. oh well
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