Watcon Lake MI Surf Ride SPONSOR list

So far These company's have committed;

Jet Lift
Jet Renue
Backie Chan
Lemans Corporation / Parts Unlimited

Make sure you come so you can win excellent product / swag from these guys......

More to come.
Got very cool raffle prizes from a company called Jet Trim..... I am sure you all have heard of them.

Also Skat Trak is once again on board.
Here are some pics of some of the stuff I have already. 2 - $100 Gift certs, one FREE impeller gift cert, and MANY banners from Skat Trak.

Jet trim goodies. Front splash guards, key chains, can coozies, and more.

Black tip turf, calenders, and tee shirts from SBT 102_6427.JPG 102_6426.JPG 102_6425.JPG 102_6427.JPG
Big THANK YOU goes out to Gary Burtka & Twangled as he just sent over 2 VERY generous gift certificates for the raffle at the Watcon Lake Michigan Surf Ride. Gary has some exciting new things in the making, keep an eye out for more great hulls / products from the guys at Twangled.Lake Michigan Surf 500.jpg Lake Michigan Surf 750.jpg
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