Watcon LAKE MI Surf Ride 2017

Skat has already sent their Raffle prize donations, Thanks Michelle!!

We have stickers, and banners galore, and THREE gift certs for a free impeller of your choice! Awesome....Skat.JPG
Jet Trim in again with raffle prizes, thank you Frank!


The guys at Slippery have sent us MANY Life jackets, board shorts, gloves, tee shirts, and one Wet Suit John & matching top.


Zach at PHP is in once again with one of his Rock Star Billet dual SBN intake manifolds as a prize. Thanks Zach!!

Gary @ Twangled is in for $1000 worth of gift certs towards one of his MANY hulls / products, thanks Gary!!

Some fun Swag from the great peeps at Pro-Rider Magazine. Lots of stickers, and Magazines to give away, swag bags, shirts,PRO-RIDER SWAG.JPG Free one year magazine subscriptions, etc.
  1. Would like to once again THANK our wonderful Sponsors who help make this event great.....
  2. Rod's Ride on Power Sports -Rod will be on hand with a display.
  3. RHAAS Products - Robin Haas has generously donated Gift Certificates for our raffle.
  4. ...
  5. Thrust Innovations- Brian Vergin Thank you for the raffle prizes.
  6. Jet Trim - Frank Walsh Thank you for the Raffle prizes.
  7. Jet Lift - JetLift Brian and crew again over the top with a TOTE, and more swag for the raffle.
  8. Skat Trak -Michelle Stuart-Thompson Again, thank you for the loads of sway, free impeller gift certs, and more....
  9. Pro-Rider Magazine - Michael Ratti Cathy Dyer Ratti Thank you for ALL you guys do for us!! Excellent coverage, advertising, etc.
  10. TWANGLED / BACKIE CHAN - Gary Burtka Thank you for the gift certificates on all your fine products.
  11. SLIPPERY - In for TONS of swag... We have Wet Suits, Life Jackets, shirts, and more.....
  12. BRAAP WERKS - Steve Bach Again donating his awesome Products for the raffle
  13. DASA - Kyle is in with gift Certificates towards his engines / Products.
  14. PHP - Zach, is in again with one of his excellent BILLET alum PHP intake manifolds for the raffle.
  15. SBT has again sent a bunch of SWAG for prizes.
  16. Gasket Technology - Susan Chapman Koland has generously donated to our cause. Thank you so much.
Great job on putting together another great surf ride. Lake Michigan even gave us two days of great surf!

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