Rickter Mx1 vs. Krash Reaper vs. Waveblaster B1 rockered **FLATWATER** which is best?


Buy a Superjet
Nothing special but it works!
if I had to do again I would have had the cover padded then covered but it’s night and day from the original cover.
Looks great! I been meaning to reach out to Jettribe and see if they have done a Reaper seat.
Step #2 buy a reaper while waiting for the Mx1 to float its way here from France was getting too impatient watching summer tick away! Waiting for border to open to CAD to pick up WB1. Putting the Mx1 project on the back burner for the summer. I never thought I’d be waiting 3+ months for just the Rickter hull! F$ck the rona it’s ski season


No I’m waiting on parts my steering system I paid for didn’t come in box with the ski. As soon as that comes I plan on building her up and at least just tossing my one of my 62t in there to get out on the water. I’ll build her up super sexy this winter! Thank god for the reaper , bob , and fx1 I’ve been hitting the water every week still having fun. I’m trying not to post up my opinion of the reaper untill I get the Mx1 out. I don’t have anything else to base it off of. I’m REALLY hoping it is easier to deep water board than the reaper.
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