Pismo Freeride Fall 2020 October 22-25

Facebook Event Link => https://www.facebook.com/events/795450157871320

So....who's ready to hit the surf? Pandemic rules are in effect, so be sure to keep your skis 6' apart out there - 6' above the white wash would be even better.

October will be the first month the park has been open for months, so make sure to make reservations ASAP!

The Pismo Freeride is a laid back get together for us jet skier's to ride the surf all day and party by the campfire all night (ya right, we'll all be wrenching). So throw your 550's, Rickter's and SJ's on the trailer and join us on the beach.
If you've never heard of the Pismo Freeride, watch this video to get an idea of what it is. If you have heard of the Pismo Freeride, watch this video to get amped up for another ride!
Now the details:
The ride location will most likely be Mile Marker 4 in the Oceano Dunes SVRA (http://www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1207). There have been some recent closures that may affect this. It is $5 a day for a day use pass, or $10 a night for camping. I highly recommend making a camping reservation using the new Reserve California website. They do limit the number of vehicle in the park, a camping reservation guarantees you access. The recent closures will likely reduce the number of passes available, so reserve early!
You will be driving on the beach and possibly through a small creek to get to the ride spot so 4x4 vehicles are highly encouraged but not required. If you choose not to bring a 4x4 vehicle, stick to the wet, hard packed sand when possible. Those of you with large trailers, heavy trucks and RV's be prepared to air down your tires. Plywood for under the tires is helpful to have on hand. Don't worry, plenty of us will have straps, shovels and trucks on hand to get everyone on and off the beach.
Of course, Quads, ATV's, UTV's and the like are welcome. If you have these as well as skis, try to set up your area on the dune side of the camp. Remember, this is a state park so all state laws are in effect. You must have registration, flag and helmets. Have fun, but be smart. You will get a DUI if you have too much fun and not enough smarts.
What do you and your ski need to ride?
You will need current registration, wetsuit, helmet, Coast Guard Approved life vest, lanyard kill switch and a tow loop. An electric bilge is highly recommended.
Refer to post #2 for tips
For more detailed information
Lastly, this is not an official event. Ride at your own risk
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Keep in mind they still have not opened the beach and there is no new information as to when/if they will. A lot of people are complaining that the reservation system is open and letting you book but it is still closed as of today even though it was thought to open today. I spoke with one of the rangers on Sunday and he said they haven't been given an opening date, all he could say is keep checking the State Parks website.
In addition the Coastal Commission staff has released their proposal to restrict access as much as possible and have a full closure of the SVRA within 5 years. We will see if State Parks grows a pair and stands up to the Coastal Commission B.S.


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It was supposed to open on Oct 1st and they changed it to Oct 18th.. It's like Komifornia is on a mission to find more ways to suck everyday.
Just an update: The dunes still has not opened as it was said to on the 18th. As of now there is no new info on reopening.


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I got an email saying they might open on Nov 8. I believe people are still going to be riding and karting there skis down from the parking lot. Check the FB page for more info.
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