Pacific City Freeride ** Tierra Del Mar, Oregon ** May 23-25, 2020


This will be the second annual Pacific City Freeride hosted by RSKI Riders!
Tierra Del Mar, Oregon
May 23-25th, 2020.

There is no official competition, just a friendly freeride with some additional fun stuff like a cherry popper first backflip contest to win prizes from our event sponsors. Last year High Speed Industries was the main sponsor, and the winner of the cherry popper backflip won a brand new steering system. There will be photo, video, and drones capturing the event again this year (weather permitting).

Here is the link to the event video from 2019 created by Ian Davis of Visually Beyond.
2019 Pacific City Freeride event video from Visually Beyond

We're excited to see everyone!
On a side note, summer surf in Oregon is quite small and refreshing. Usually a 3-5ft swell, usually not more than 6-7ft in the May-June time frame of our freeride. The picture above is January :) Below is a typical summer day in Oregon, this was in August I think.


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Is there any riding that happens near the Florence dunes? With Pismo on the verge of being shutdown..
A guy named Josh Lippold used to ride out of Florence (I think he might be out of the sport now, not sure), and I think Colin & Forrest McLauchlin ride there sometimes but usually Crescent City. At Florence there's a pretty gnarly sand dune you have to make it over in the truck if I remember right, I personally have never ridden there.
@Quinc yes you can ride Florence or if you want bigger dunes coos bay which also multiple surf spots and doesn't get as blown out. Florence seems to get windy after 12. Lots of camping. If you head north post up.
Spoke to my son this past weekend and he’s interested in coming too.Just need to work out flights and time.Just not sure on it yet.And thank you!

Man, this would be so awesome Don! You can ride my ski! @bigstu we could meet and ride with Sanoman! The builder of Ky's footrocket!
@OCD Solutions book your flights too! I can help with recommended accommodations, and might even rent a house with you guys. My buddies have a few too many for one house already, so we might split into two rental houses for the weekend.
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I may have to come. Been a couple years since I rode tierra. Should have the new ski built by then and I'll be back from germany.

Wonder if I could talk silas into coming......

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thanks darin...noswad!
Spoke !to my son this past weekend and he’s interested in coming too.Just need to work out flights and time.Just not sure on it yet.And thank you!
FYI I havn't been riding for over a has been a struggle by itself. If I make it down, it would just be to watch, and the new car will never touch the sand!IMG_20191116_094441166_HDR.jpg
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