My first attempt at racing. 750cc Kawasaki X2.

This video is from August 2019. I am not a jet ski racer and the ski is far from set up properly for buoys, but I tried it out for the fun of it in an open class that didn't require a membership.

Lake Chetek Wisconsin, Great Lakes Watercross.


Super Hero, with a cape!
Good job. The X2 is a weird machine. Every one handles wildly differently. It's the only boat I can ride one but struggle to ride another. Looks like you have that one pretty dialed in. Have it handling well and sounds crisp.

What are you using to get the data overlay?

What do you have for a driveline, steering and handling?
Thanks. I’ve been riding the X2 for a while and I’ve owned it the longest.

The on screen stuff is from the gopro software. I don’t remember which gopro I have, maybe a 6? Definitely cool with the track recording!

The X2 is a 750, coffmans exhaust, single 44 SBN. UMI steering and the pump should be completely stock I think. I’ve never touched it. Stock ride plate with a big D cut. My riding is primarily boat chasing.
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