Farrell Fab Tour Beach Cart

Farrell Fab Tour Beach Cart for sale. Purchased new November 2019. Used once. I live in Pismo Beach and they have not allowed vehicles to drive on the beach since March 2020. I am going to purchase a Florida Sailcraft Bigfoot 4 Wheel Beach Dolly because it is a long way from the parking lot to the water's edge. The difference between the Farrell Fab Beach Cart and the Farrell Fab Tour Beach Cart is the width of the axle. Tour Beach Cart will work for all stand ups and Blaster 1/MX1 Rickters, X-2s, etc. I have added the Hydro Turf to the rails with contact cement and stainless steel cable ties. Without the Hydro Turf, the ski slides too easy. $750 and buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees, or better yet, you can drive to Pismo Beach, pick it up and ride in the ocean! For quickest response call or text (805) 471-7256 or email garyfmd@gmail.com.


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