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Good morning,

Looking into getting a stationary bike. Long winters here, and although right now I walk/hike 8 miles a day, that is no freakin fun when it's -10 degrees and dark out, so I need another way of keeping the covid winter blubber off. My son just picked up a Peloton and I tried it out yesterday. It is very rugged, very well thought out, whisper quiet and has tons of features thru the Peloton App that goes way beyond just cycling. But the cost is just up there. And you simply cannot find a used one, and if you do, they are pretty much asking retail price. I am now considering the Schwinn IC4 or Bowflex C6, essentially these are exactly the same bike, both manufactured by Nautilus with different branding. I could then use the Peloton app w/membership for 12 bucks a month versus 40 a month if I had bought an actual Peloton, and I'd only lose a few features like Leaderboard and stuff like that. The IC4/C6 t don't come with a nice big screen, but I could use a tablet or even stream it to my TV, so that's a non issue. Both of these bikes are about 1/3 the cost of a Peloton and have pretty glowing reviews.

Wondering if any of you guys can offer any input based on your experience with any of the bikes mentioned above or any other stationary bike. I've already tried the mag trainer hooked up to my 'real' bike, and I'm just not a fan of going this route.

Thanks in advance.

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I went with the Peloton Plus, its pretty pimp! I was gunshy about the cost, but they have 0% financing available, which is what I did since I will take the cash that I would have used to pay for the Peloton, and flip a couple jetskis or something and let that pay for the Peloton itself. I love leverage and time value of money lol.

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Or get you a road bike with a trainer. Then you can actually go ride when the weather is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Or get you a road bike with a trainer. Then you can actually go ride when the weather is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got both, and it's just not nearly as good as even a crappy stationary bike as far as indoor cycling goes. It's just a CycleOps mag trainer, but I wasn't impressed at all.


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Concept II rowing machine. Would probably need to ride the bike for hour + to match what 20 minutes on the rower would do for you. :)


There was an article l saw the other day about stationary bikes in the $300-$500 range that were comparable to the Peloton.l’ll have to see if l can find it again for you


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I have had a peloton for about a year now. Love it. Use the bike combined with beach body programs. The peloton library also has a lot of programs outside of cycling.

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I decided to go with a Bowflex Max Trainer. After thinking about it, I remembered that all my years in the gym as far as cardio goes, I enjoyed using the arc climbers the most. I'd use one every other day for 30-45 minutes and the time flew by when I was on it. I'd use the stationary bikes once in a while, either the standard or recumbent, and tried a couple spin classes, and I didn't like those as much, besides all the women in the spin classes...but I couldn't handle some girl yelling out instructions at me...I mean I was married almost 30 years, so I had my fill of that poop. Anyhow, the Max Trainer is very much like the arc climber/trainer I used at my last gym, and it syncs to my Health App on my phone, and has a training app and all that crap. $1600 bucks new. Found a barely, and I mean barely, used one for $800 about a 45 minute drive from me, offered $600, settled on $650. Went to pick it up and when the guy had carried it up from his cellar with his wife they broke the connector off the power cord. He felt really bad, googled it and saw they were $11 on Amazon and decided to take $50 off the price. Loaded it in the truck, got home, went in that drawer full of assorted chargers and power cords we all have, and badda bing, 9V charger with the same connector...plugged that sucker in and I am off and running,.....or climbing ....to be more exact. :)
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