Super Jet DaveO's SN Build

So, I have the engine in now and aligned with shims. I was able to get it to run on its own fuel supply, so the fuel pump and everything is working. The throttle was stuck on full so it was accidentally started at full throttle and I had to quickly kill it. The throttle spring doesn't appear to be strong enough and/or the whole mechanism is too stiff. It is pretty hard to turn by hand. I am trying to tighten the spring to see if that helps which ain't easy.

I have a wiring issue too, I had to have my neighbor hold some wires just right to keep the engine running.

Finally, I have a question. In the attached picture it is hard to tell, but one carb is always open and the other carb is closed when the throttle is off and open when the throttle is pulled as expected. Shouldn't the other carb be the same? If not, how do you fix the alignment so they match?


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Latest update: I read the manual for the carbs so I don't ask such silly questions. I then removed the carbs from the engine and immediately saw the issue. The carbs were no longer connected to each other. I fixed this easily and the throttle valves are now synchronized and the throttle returns on its own.

While working on the carbs, I noticed a hole in the return fuel line has formed, so I have now purchased fuel lines to replace anything that looks to need replacing.

I have also glued in the pump shoe with marine 5200 and then installed the pump with pump seal. I used marine red and tacky grease where needed.

Finally, I created some templates for the hydro turf on the sides and cut the hydro turf. This was a pain and I need a break before I use DAP weldwood to glue them down. I think what I have cut will be good, just a little tricky with the footholds. I just need to go for it and learn from any mistakes.


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Is the nozzle in the center of the attached pic (coming out of the pump) just for the yamaha pisser out of the back of the ski?. I can just leave that?


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Yes it is. I filled mine with some marine epoxy.
Thanks for the confirmation!

Getting back to work on this after some time off camping and stuff.

I have gotten a few things done since my last post.
  • Installed steering components on the pole and connected to nozzle
  • Fixed runaway ski issue
  • Fixed electrical issue preventing ski from staying running
  • Replaced a few cracked fuel lines
  • Installed odi grips (Rogue.... loving them!)
  • Installed start/stop switch
  • Installed pole bolt bushings and tightened the pole so it stays up on its own (going to try running without a spring to see if I like it)
  • Routed water lines
  • Installed ride plate
  • Installed intake grate
  • Created a fire extinguisher holder that will hopefully work, using PVC pipe
  • Glued in bilge pump with 5200
  • Moved the engine forward about 5mm so the couplers have a more appropriate gap to prevent breaking things
  • Installed hydro turf on the sides
  • Installed registration stickers
The only things I believe I have left are finish the hydro turf, wire / water line management + clamping, and install all the dash components including the ebox. Going to miss always having something to work on, but it will be fun to finally ride for the first time. I am sure there will be issues I will have to work out for a while. Never ridden a superjet before. Still only ever ridden my 650sx.


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Your about to be in for a treat when you get to ride! Especially after all that work you put in, great build. I got a 650sx as my first ski and as I was building it I sold it and got a square nose that was cherry and never looked back haha. Never messed with Kawasaki’s much since.
I think the hydroturf turned out pretty good for my first attempt. Going to do the rails next year I think. I need more turf and way over budget.


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Did the last turfing I had to do under the footholds and installed the dash. Also tested out the fire extinguisher holder. It should work, I just need to paint it black. After cutting the hole for the rear bow eye, I realized I do not have one. So I need to order one yet.


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I am going to call this build complete. I took it to the river today in 50 degree Michigan. Started right up and when I pulled the throttle for the first time it wanted to rip outta my hand, but I sucked in a ton of leaves that I didn't realize I was standing in. It didn't want to go after that at all, but it would idle. I didn't want to run it too much because water wasn't coming outta the pissers. Gotta love Fall in Michigan. It was freezing without my wet suit (it is hiding in my house somewhere), so I just went home without riding and cleaned out the leaves.

Going to winterize and put it in the garage until next year. It has been fun, hope to see some of you out there sometime next year!


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