Surfriding Brigantine 2015 Freeride please read *NEED YOUR HELP*

Thank you everyone! I'm going to start a survey like suggested. I love the idea. It should simplify the info I'm trying to get and help me organize it. Not to mention be better for those not on the x. I'll try to have the survey up tomorrow night.
And the results are ????
My fiancé and I went last year because we were already booked, so even though it was cancelled we went and had an awesome time! we are coming this year as well if the event happens
hotel was roughly 400 for 4 nights
food easy 500
gas around 200
all spent on brigantine island

Was an awesome time and the event was cancelled... ill be attending if its an event for sure!
that sucks! last year the city council or some guy with his face on the side of his h3 said he was going to make it happen this year guess he's not on the council anymore lol but me and my fiancé loved it in brigantine beautiful place to ride some surf
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