2020 Air Blair Brand New! Stock 760

This fixed-steer standup was custom built this year. Air Blair hull. I'm the first female to buy 1 of 40 Air Blair skis ever made! The only reason I am selling is that I need to put money into a house.

Price lowered to $6,999

All-stock 760 yamaha motor
Dual 44 mm mikuni carbs
Stock flame arrestor
Protec pipe
3-gallon gas tank
Bilge pump
Padding under black diamond turf
Carbon fiber pattern on the body

Pink decals are removable

Pink grips are not glued on, so can be changed easily. Pink hoses are just covers that can be removed. If you don't like pink, no problem.
Foot holds installed on the body to pull yourself back onto the ski.
Very light and sturdy. Even though it's a stand-up jetski, it is an easy pwc for beginners. Very fun in the surf for jumping waves and also a blast on a flat water day or inland Lake. GREAT FOR TRICKS! if you want to do backflips, barrel rolls, nose stabs and other fun things, this ski is fantastic for it and is capable on flat water or in surf.


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