Hull 2018 Crazy Joe's Bam

Carbon/Kevlar Crazy Joes BAM.
3rd owner, bought it last summer from the 2nd owner. This is a small surf hull. Kind of heavy for carbon/kevlar, around 75-80 pounds with turf, hood, ratchet strap, rideplate, and pump shoe.155 pump shoe, ninja holds, hull has its fair share of chips on paint and i tried to show most of them in the pics but camera quality on this cheap phone isn't very good.
Bad: typical nicks and scratches.
Has new turf, despite cosmetic wear still looks good, ski slides easy, with a stock 701, b-pipe and horrible pump setup I could flip it off a decent wake from a 25' cabin cruiser.
Selling as seen in pictures; hull, hood, ride plate, pump shoe, versa plug, bildge fitting and pissers. Its set up to run everything from a pre 08 sj except for the 155 shoe and also has inserts for lay down pipe.
Possibly trade or partial trade for a billet PV engine or sell 2900.


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