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  1. Rushford_Ripper

    WDK Pole Bracket

    Looking again for a single breather WDK pole mount/bracket that has the 2 holes for their hood pin system. Need ASAP!
  2. Rushford_Ripper


    Looking for: - good used OVP fat bar steering system - stainless pole bolt - stock RN pole spring.
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  5. Rushford_Ripper

    Thrust Single Large Carb F/A

    Thrust F/A setup - $100 shipped
  6. Rushford_Ripper

    Thrust carb adapter

    Looking for a thrust single flame arrester adapter for large carbs to run a OEM f/a.
  7. Rushford_Ripper

    Squarenose Superjet (SOLD)

  8. Rushford_Ripper

    Squarenose Parts

    Squarenose rideplate (has crack) - $40 shipped Squarenose Waterbox in decent shape - $100 shipped
  9. Rushford_Ripper


    No longer in need
  10. Rushford_Ripper

    SN Superjet fuel door/Fx-1 fuel tank

    Fx-1 tank w/ stock pickups (internal fill sold), has a cracked off return/vent nipple - $70 shipped/offer Squarenose fuel door/nose cover (not perfect but useable, see pics) - $80 shipped
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  12. Rushford_Ripper

    SXR Pole Lock/Yamaha Bilge Mount

    Clearing out parts I won’t be using. Yamaha under switch bilge mount switch holder - $30 shipped Kawasaki sxr Ada spring tensioner - $25 shipped (never used) Kawasaki sxr pole lock, works with stock pole bracket only - $75 shipped (never used)
  13. Rushford_Ripper

    TNT Chamber (SOLD)

    TNT blaster chamber, going to go a different route in my build. $700 shipped Possible partial trade for a superjet mod chamber
  14. Rushford_Ripper


    Factory B head pipe, all screws turn, bottom screw is oversized, however, it’s not repaired the best and it leaks out very slowly around the screw. Still usable in my opinion, decent shape overall. $200 shipped
  15. Rushford_Ripper

    Thrust F/A Adapter or Red F/A

    Anyone have a thrust large carb f/a adapter to run oem f/a’s or a red f/a?
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  17. Rushford_Ripper

    No longer available

    Coffman sizzler for superjet, complete with manifold/hardware/new mounting grommet. Would need to be port matched to fit 701.
  18. Rushford_Ripper


    Anyone have a single carb 62t ATP intake manifold they want to part with? Will consider a DASA as well.
  19. Rushford_Ripper

    No longer for sale

    No longer for sale.
  20. Rushford_Ripper

    F/A - K&N/Adapter

    F/A and adapter (off a sbn46) - $45 shipped
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