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  1. Twake

    Super Jet SuperJet 760 stock ex. Re-jet?

    Put a bone stock 760 in my SN. Helicoil and matched the exhaust. Using a stock 701 head to run the stock SuperJet exhaust. Do you have to rejet the stock 44s to work with the smaller SuperJet exhaust? If so, what are you guys going to?
  2. Twake

    Want to Buy Broken MSD flywheel

    I have two MSD flywheels that have bad ring gears on them. Anyone have cracked flywheel they will sell so I can steal the ring gear?
  3. Twake

    FX-1 Tom21 tubbie install. Help on placement

    Got a set of tom21 bolt on tubbies for the fx1. I’ve put on a bunch of Superjet destroyers and they fit great. I’ve having issues on where to place the Tom21 sponsons. If I run them like destroyers (all the way forward and down to the bottom) they don’t fit the curve at all. The only place I...
  4. Twake

    Used OEM SJ flywheel cover

    Looking for oem flywheel cover stripped of painted. Raw only.
  5. Twake

    Freestyle Tom21 anyone heard from him?

    Seeing if anyone has heard from Tom21. He said he had some tubbies in stock ready to go, I sent money and he has ghosted me since. Been a couple weeks.
  6. Twake

    Want to Buy Old TPE cast head

    Looking for the original cast head shell for the TPE motors.
  7. Twake

    Other Jet ski hauling pontoon

    2018 sun tracker 22 DLX Set up to lift skis onto it. Can hold 2/3 skis in the floor. Less than 20 hours on it. Perfect condition. $26,900 Edmond, OK
  8. Twake

    Blaster Modded 1994 blaster

    1994 blaster. Repainted and rebuilt. Motor has 1-2 hours. 62t/61x 701 with every mod out there. Clean title and up to date tags. Comes with trailer. $3200 Edmond, OK
  9. Twake

    Used Jet lift cart

    Jet lift cart for sale. Used and has a good amount of time on it. But works all the same. $450 Located in OKC, OK
  10. Twake

    New Xscream 900rr race gas domes.

    Brand new XS 900rr race gas domes. Might be the same as 900r? $150 plus shipping and fees. Edmond, Ok
  11. Twake

    Used TPE head shell

    Like new. 8-10 hours. New style TPE head shell with bolts needed. Will fit all TPE cylinders I’m pretty sure. $200 Plus shipping and fees. Edmond, OK
  12. Twake

    Used Xscream trim. Modded

    Original xscream trim modded by xscream. Coupler mod, pro tec nozzle bored and added ears to keep coupler in. Reduction nozzle was also done by XS, 5 degree up, fins removed, bored, and carbon wrapped. Comes with everything you need and also comes with a spare cable and coupler mod. *reduction...
  13. Twake

    Ski 1993 modded SN 760

    Selling for a friend. This is my old hull, I did the foot holds, pole conversion, painted hood, graphics, and tubbies when I had it. When he bought it, he bought all he aftermarket parts brand new and only rode it 1 time per summer. Less than 10 hours. Hull: Blowsion footholds and turf kit...
  14. Twake

    FX-1 Swirl 19/24

    Anyone have a swirl 19/24 for the stock pump they want to let go of?
  15. Twake

    Want to Buy Fx1 swirl 19/24

    Looking for a good condition swirl 19/24 for my stock fx1 pump LMK
  16. Twake

    FX-1 Winter time fx1 build(s)

    While traveling during Christmas time, I picked up two fx1s that need rebuilding. The first one is 100% stock with a locked up motor. The second one is the fixed steer we have all seen on here. The plan for the stock one is to turn it into my old fx1 that I miss dearly.. Lots of parts not sold...
  17. Twake

    Want to Buy Cold-fusion tank and mod chamber

    Looking for a SJ cold-fusion tank. Also looking for SJ mod chamber only.
  18. Twake

    Want to Buy Cold-fusion billet Rn pole base

    I bought the last one made new 4 years ago. Looking for another one.
  19. Twake

    Want to Buy SJ mod chamber only

    Looking for a clean SJ mod expansion chamber. Let me know what you got.
  20. Twake

    FX-1 Back in the gang! Need parts

    Finally got another fx1. I want to build it exactly like my old one. Looking for some cold fusion parts. Pole bracket, hood hook, billet pole base. Also looking for b pipe chamber. Mod or fx1. Swirl. Not sure on the pitch yet.
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