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  1. dub_hansen

    Wtb 155 pitch gauge

    Looking for a 155 impeller pitch gauge. Bought new from a company over a week ago and haven't recieved or been able to contact them. Seeing if anyone has one used they want to sell so i can get back on the water
  2. dub_hansen

    wtb - bad driveshaft

    looking for a stripped or useless yamaha driveshaft that has good prop side threads so i can build a jig for holding prop while repitching. can be cut or whatever.
  3. dub_hansen

    Wtb zeeltronic or msd TL

    In the market for a complete zeeltronics setup or msd tl.
  4. dub_hansen

    antigravity charging

    anyone ever charged their AG 16 cell on a r/c lithium charger? i'm wanting to stick mine on one that i have and not sure what mah rating the ag battery is.
  5. dub_hansen

    SOLD 155mm 7/15 prop

    Skat trak E75 155mm 7/15 prop used for less than a season $SOLD
  6. dub_hansen

    SOLD Boyesen intake w/reeds

    62t boyesen intake with speed plate and boyesen reeds. Great manifold for 44-48mm carbs. $SOLD
  7. dub_hansen

    New or rebuilt 1100 (found)

    ..found thanks everyone
  8. dub_hansen

    Want to Buy Rn pole bolt

    Looking for a rn pole bolt. Any brand, but no aluminum
  9. dub_hansen

    Fuel line restrictor needed?

    Installing dasa 48's on my motor and haven't ran it yet, but was curious on peoples thought if i should run a restrictor in my return line or not. Motor is a 865 8mil crank.
  10. dub_hansen

    Want to Buy PHP intake mani (found)

    In search of a php intake manifold. (Update) bought new. No longer needed
  11. dub_hansen

    Boyesen reed stuffers

    Boyesen factory reed stuffers for 62t. $55 shipped
  12. dub_hansen

    Pfp waterbox

    Smaller waterbox for pfp pipe. Not sure who makes it. Inlet side has been cut short as well, but still long enough to get a hose clamp on it. Pic is it next to a standard pfp box. $75 shipped
  13. dub_hansen

    SOLD Tnt waterbox

    $SOLD. Or trade for a different box or other parts for that matter. Just don't need it.
  14. dub_hansen

    Torrent 155

    Wtb 155 torrent pump. The more complete the better
  15. dub_hansen

    RRP chinpad

    Rrp chinpad in good condition. No cracks or broken tabs. $200 shipped
  16. dub_hansen

    Want to Buy S/s switch cases FOUND

    Need s/s switch cases or possibly a complete s/s switch. Found thanks
  17. dub_hansen

    SOLD Jet dynamics +2 intake grate

    Just realized this will not fit the new hull. It's less than a year old. Will fit most a/m hulls needing the +2" grates. SOLD. shipped
  18. dub_hansen

    Power factor pipe(found)

    Found thanks
  19. dub_hansen

    Pfp manifold only

    Are you able to purchase a pfp manifold by itself? I've tried digging a little bit, but coming up empty handed.
  20. dub_hansen

    Coldfusion battery cage/watthole

    Looking for a cold fusion micro battery cage and a watthole if anyone has one laying around before i buy new.
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