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  1. rubbertoe

    Engine X- Metal 900ss w/intake 46mm carbs

    Get the great performance offered from this proven powervalve motor with affordable service intervals of a stock stroke . This motor was run by a vet rider all freshwater and was put away with 40 hrs on it .It has the most current 900 cylinder and porting specs on its first 90mm 865 bore this...
  2. rubbertoe

    Greats in our sport !

    Just wondering who comes to mind as a great in our sport , and how so . personality plays a big role ,humble ,narcissistic ,dick ,cool ,ego ,ect . name the greats !
  3. rubbertoe

    Ever had anyone ?

    Everhad anyone get all secret squirrel on you while doing a mod or upgrade ? if so maybe a brief description of any covert situation's of concealed Braappppp would be a topic of interest .. just talking out loud here ,no real reason not trying to call out any persons of interest or anything...
  4. rubbertoe

    Best Trim lever for throw

    I thought i would ask a question to find out what trim levers brands are being used that offer the best or most cable pull at the handle . Be it for mountain bike or whatever as im trying to find one get the maximum throw out of my lever to get the most range of motion out of my hybrid...
  5. rubbertoe

    WTB Blunder jet video

    As title says ,Just thought i would put a ************ out to see if theres a copy floating around .has to be the one without an ending ,or maybe just wait for net flix version ?
  6. rubbertoe

    Prop tuning a diy or ?

    My question is how many of you have done your own impeller pitch changes ,and is something that is better off left to the professionals or is it something that with the proper technics can be done yourself with good results ? For those of you with experience with this process please share your...
  7. rubbertoe

    Snow in the desert !

    Just thought i would share these pics of Lake Havasu ,Az. on new years eve 12 /31/2014 its a rarity that snow ever reaches the ground in this desert community ,especially anything more than hail .after all it is one of the warmest extreme climates on earth for most of the year ,here are a...
  8. rubbertoe

    155 mm pump tune sugestions

    Hello x members ,just trying to get some input and info out there on 155 mm pump tune selections .first of want to thank deftones 56/tricky1 for the pump ,props ( pun intended) .my current set up is a ss900 on its first 865 bore ,pump gas compression, total loss @30 deg. pfp (dry).now with a 155...
  9. rubbertoe

    TC Freeride !

    Just thought i would give a shout out for the awesome hardware supplied ,with good pricing fast shipping and an easy no non sense transaction ! Thank you
  10. rubbertoe

    freestyle RPM's

    This weekend a subject was brought to light by one of the racers in the group .tuning his ski .trying to figure out which driveline worked best to achieve peak RPM for stock class .well this got my wheels turning as i know ballpark what a stock boat would turn RPM wise ,but what about todays bad...
  11. rubbertoe

    The "way back" machine

    The heavy rain we are getting here in so cal has me inside and reminiscing of days gone by .Heres some vintage mx footage of a great halloween weekend we had ,oh i say around 16 years can see our group of friends and fellow mx riders looking upward (1:18-2:15+) as legend Jeff Emig,Tommy...
  12. rubbertoe

    Presidents day

    What do you all like to do on presidents day ? heres a little footage from years past .Sxs fun in the dunes Glamis ,Ca wish i was going this year.enjoy
  13. rubbertoe

    Bartender make it a double !

    Double shot of the aquaholic ! getting shaken not stirred ,lol ! I mentor this guy ,but he has a thing for goof shots ,sooooooo....Bartender give me an Aqua on the rocks !!!!!!
  14. rubbertoe

    Braaaaaapy Holidays !

    Just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Holidays to all on the X as well as the people that keep me on the water, enjoy the holidays ,and get ready to enjoy a new year ! heres a little pic to enjoy of last sundays glass ! (not trying to rub it in for those not able to hit the water right now)...
  15. rubbertoe

    clean freshwater 62t e-box needed

    Anyone switched over to total loss and have a clean stock 62 t e-box for sale ? Having an electrical issue that needs sorting out and need this for testing purpose ,let me know ? please include pics and price .
  16. rubbertoe

    rubber side down !

    This could have been really bad for these young sxs pilots ! but these guys rode it out text book ,with a minor price to pay (no one hurt) .but i bet you that the young driver will Never try and steer up a dune section that steep and tall again(probably at least 70' )ever ...
  17. rubbertoe

    Winter Sxs fun !

    Some local fun !
  18. rubbertoe

    ski totes/haulers

    Just wondering who might have ski totes for sale at finals and which brand ? i was hoping like a beach tote style that converted to a trailer hitch for say a quad
  19. rubbertoe

    Flatwater Friday !

    Just thought i would see if theres any pics of the action going down in daytona ?? (for all of us left coasters who didn't get to go )
  20. rubbertoe

    More of Dasa racing products

    Just thought i would share this you tube footage from two years ago of tester and fellow rider Steve Engles in his kawasaki teryx out in our local desert putting in some R&D work to help create what DASA is known for .also here are some shots from yesterday in our local desert of my car (my...
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