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    delete please, figured out my problem
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    Let's talk compression.

    I have the HPE 809 with the raised up 760 cylinder and the 5mm crank. This engine is fresh and runs very well. I believe that the exhaust port timing is changed with the porting, however it is done. I have the 40cc domes and am getting about 153 psi of compression on a reliable gauge. I was...
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    Best place to buy Mikuni SBN jets?

    I need to experiment with my ski so I'm going to be buying quite a few sets of jets. Who has the best prices and doesn't charge 20 dollars for shipping? Thanks.
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    Are Vforce 2's generally reliable? (broken petal)

    I'm 99% sure I broke a reed after about 2 hours on my 5mm 760/809 HPE setup. There is some fiberglass fray and black stuff in the intake, along with running like poop. I had my b pipe flowing way too much water and I revved it out. It took a bit for the pipe to warm up but once it did I was...
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    Modding 08+ waterbox.

    I'm planning on drilling a few holes in my stock waterbox to accommodate my 809 motor. I'm just looking to free up some reasonable flow while maintaining near stock sound suppression. Does anyone have experience with this? I'd love to see a pic of the inside of the box, I have not taken mine...
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    Is 760 EX manifold gasket different from 701?

    The exhaust gasket that came with my B pipe doesn't line up right on the top side of my ported 760 cylinder. Are the gaskets supposed to be the same or do I need a 760 gasket? I can cut my own if it is somehow weird with the porting. Thanks.
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    How much is my SJ engine worth?

    I'm pulling out my complete 2013 motor and selling it, I need to know how much I should ask. I am going to try to sell locally first, I have a few guys interested. The motor is clean, looks new, and has not been modified. It is showing 153 psi, I am at 2700ft elevation also. I don't think it...
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    Looking for 760 electronics.

    I need a full 760 electronics setup to convert my ski to the Zeeltronics ignition setup for my HPE 809 swap. I have all the stock parts from a 2013 SJ if you are interested in any trades or cash. Thanks.
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    Help me select parts for HPE 809 swap.

    I bought the HPE 809, stage 2 porting, pump gas, from the for sale section. I also got 46mm carbs for it along with a stock style 4 bolt intake section. I will be needing reeds, pipe, and a prop to finish the package I presume. My goals are more biased towards low end power, though it would...
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    Anyone respray their SJ? Thinking of going Ford Mystichrome.

    I have an orange over black 2013 model that I plan on keeping for a long time. I think it looks pretty good, but I just love to customize things and make them really mine! I'm thinking of spraying it with a rare color Ford released on certain SVT Cobra Mustangs called mystichrome. It is a...
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    Looking at SJ on CL, looking for opinions on this deal.

    I'm new to the standup world. I've never ridden one but I'm sure I will like it. I have a wake boat and I think a ski would be a nice addition to our adventures. I've narrowed it down to a SJ and there is one here locally. Let me know what you think about this deal or if there is anything I...
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