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    Anti gravity batteries with charging system

    I just got a new one. And the box says for charging systems 2 year warranty. 1 year race/total loss I think. No warranty on water craft. So don’t ever say it was in a jet ski.
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    Freestyle TPE now DASA?

    Got mine rebuild by dasa. But they still haven’t fully starting making the motors yet.
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    XFT carbon Trim systems (2)

    Rare parts here!
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    P&P Raptor Trim, is it worth the extra $$$

    true. You are in it now! go to world finals and check out what 90% of the skis have hanging off the back. That should tell you everything. Most of those guys aren’t going to be on here.
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    Antigravity Batteries

    4s (13.2v) 5.0a I charge it every time it goes in the garage. But it can run all weekend.
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    Pitch Components - Prepreg carbon parts :)

    The pole looks sick. How will she hold on super flip style tricks? What is the weight?
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    Antigravity Batteries

    I usually get 2 years out of mine as well. Key is to get a RC car style charger, charge it correctly and fully. You can see it on there. Using a basic lithium charger, i went through a battery pretty quick too.
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    New XS Helium Pricing

    All the Carbon hulls have gone up and are all very similar in price. (Other than rickter being way higher) Each builder knows what they need to make it worth their while (most of the time it’s not) but the hulls are selling, so I don’t get what’s the deal here. Supply and demand. We all have to...
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    P&P Raptor Trim, is it worth the extra $$$

    It’s priced where it is for a reason. It’s not mass produced, it is just for the guys that want/need the best of the best. Phil took the best of every trim, came up with a better design, and added all the details to make it work properly. It does use a coupler inside to seal the flow 100%. That...
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    new Titanium RP exhaust chamber from RP Race products!

    BTW this pipe is BADASS!! Lighter than the new BUN chamber. Interested to see who she hits. I know someone with a tpe1200 and this chamber :)
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    new Titanium RP exhaust chamber from RP Race products!

    George has way too many tricks! No one will ever know. But one give away on the 204 lbs ski is that it is a kids ski. But he did shave like over 30lbs
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    Super Jet SuperJet 760 stock ex. Re-jet?

    Thanks. I couldn’t find anything either. I guess I’ll just try it out.
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    Super Jet SuperJet 760 stock ex. Re-jet?

    It fits.. ‍♂️ Squish was .055 so that was fine too. Yeah, just seeing what people are going to. Filling in the crossover. How much they go down jets, etc.
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    Super Jet SuperJet 760 stock ex. Re-jet?

    Put a bone stock 760 in my SN. Helicoil and matched the exhaust. Using a stock 701 head to run the stock SuperJet exhaust. Do you have to rejet the stock 44s to work with the smaller SuperJet exhaust? If so, what are you guys going to?
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    FX-1 Tom21 tubbie install. Help on placement

    Had to do some sanding and prying, but they are on. Not my favorite, trying to make sure they are sealed 100% is hard. I can’t see the top or get a finger in there.
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