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I have a SN hood. Shoot me over a text or email and I will get you pictures. or 559-816-9182
Hey do you have all the hardware to the sj take off pole or are you just selling the pole?
Hey shoot me a message or email. I'll buy the FX1 AC pole off of you paypal is ready. or 305 319 1815
i seen ur sj hull how much u thinkin
sorry for the late reply. didn't see this message. 100.00 without title, 400.00 with title
which one was it again and wer u located?
information ARGENTINA ? hello I send to ARGENTINA USPS Service? DO YOU HAVE PHOTOS?
Do you still have this foot rocket hull? What's left on it? I don't need the pole. What is the weight of it?
New to this site! In the market for a 96-07 superjet. I am located in Woodland, Washington, but willing to drive up to 9 hours for the right ski!
JetManiac: Wondering if you have any Yamaha super jet engine cores preferably a 760 or 800. Or point me in the right direction. Thank you!
Connor Schuster 7015094178
Im in MN for the next week or so riding (here for weddings). What are you running for screws here? My lower pipe screw is about 1 and 1/8 out. Top pipe varys between 1 and 2. Carb screws are still bone stock as far as turns. I'd be curious to see what you run here and set up my 50 cal like that for the next week and see how much I can get out of it... THanks!
Hey, saw you have a blaster B pipe and are also in CT/MA. I'm just getting back into my b1 after a 5 or 6 year hiatus. I might be interested. text me at 7654908796 I live in the general new london area.
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