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Hey there you said you cut up a sxr 800 ride plate for an eme aeril 8 how bad was it? was it a big deal? You probably dont have any photos but if you do id love to see thanks.
I would like to pay 450 sent to Argentina by usps. zip code 1896
still available? I would like to pay 400 sent to Argentina zip code 1896.
Would like a quote for a complete mid shaft and housing assembled for a 1996 waveblaster. How would I order this and pay for this. Thank you.
Private message/ conversation started with you.
Looking to get a 750 small pin flywheel lightened. Please PM me and let me know if you are still doing this. Thanks!
Hello sir I'd like to buy a square nose nose piece
I'm not on paypal but I can send a check to u before u send the part
262.951.0012 friend of Kieth spinner
Are you still lightening flywheels? I need 2 done. Let me know please

Interested in the black friday deal blue freestyle 61x ported top end. I have some questions, do you have a contact number or is email the best contact
inbox is full ! lol I need inserts for 155 pump for 144 bolts