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Hello Chris, I would like to order some parts please. (2) throttle cables your custom kawi/yam type, (2) fuel primers, (1) 2.5 mikuni n/s , main jets-(1) 145 150 152.5 155 low speed (1) 120 125 I am jetting a single carb setup. It is an ATP 49 on a 780 with a V3 laydown pipe going to be rec/bouy riding any ideas? Hope you doing well shredding and selling parts . Thanks text cell 909/841-8468 if you like
Hey man I’m needing some rebuild kits for my 2001 superjet. I think it has dual 38mm sbn but I truly don’t know much about them. I can send you pictures also thanks. Send my a contact please
Check your inbox. Message sent to you.
Hey man. I have a 2001 superjet, it has dual 38mm on it and I’m in need of a full kit to rebuild the carbs. Thank you
Hey man can you call me on 832 885 1358?
Looking to buy your ski.

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I looking for Mikuni carb rebuild kits for my 05 superjet, I see here you can help.
I will take both MSD controllers if they work. Send me your paypal address
I have one MSD controller available. One is sold and so is the R&D controller. Do you want the one MSD? If so, please provide me your shipping address so I can get a shipping quote. Thank you.
Hi sorry to disturb you
Iam French and I have a question
Do you have a seeting carb for
Ti 50 mm with dasa 1200 and TL
Many thanks
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