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Hello Tom. I'm interested in buying some tubbies for my carbon xft which is based on the 96-07 superjet. I really don't want to drill any holes in my ski and am hoping you have the ones that glue and bolt on? Do you still make those? I am also wondering if you have them in Black? I'm also looking at the Blowsion tubbies but yours seem to be much less money and the reviews on yours are good as well. Thank you
I replied to your Xmetal trim for sale $300 plus PP fees & shipping. I can PP you the $300 friends & family without fees. Figure out shipping to 55364. Texting works best for me. Thanks,
Dave Mack
(612) 363-6144
Please email me at kyle@lticontracting.com
I wasn't planning on parting it out but I might. Let me know what else you would want besides the bare bull or if that's all you want.

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