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So for the wb1 + $500 cash is it just bare hull and hood or what all stays with the hull
Hello, where are you located
I am located in Marquette, MI in the UP. If you are interested in trading your WB1 for my WDK hull I am looking at WB1+$500=WDK RIP. I believe your WB1 is worth $1750-$2250 and my WDK Hull is worth $2500-$3000.

If you are interested in buying my jet ski complete I would like to sell if for $10,500 or $10,500-WB1=$8500 if you would like to work in a trade.
There is nothing wrong with my ski. It is a power monster!! I recently had a shoulder injury and I am getting older. I am just looking to get out of the AM hull game. The ski hass the follolwing:

2016 WDK RIP Titled Hull
ET 967 Stroker built by Engine-Tech
Powerfactor Laydown Pipe
Dual 48mm Spectrum Carb
RRP Cast Pole/Chin Pad
Maxx 155mm Mag Pump
WDK Scoop Grate
Lithium Ion Battery
701 Charging Elec System
There is more to talk about the ski as well. This post is limiting the amount of characters I can use. My phone number is (906) 280-0097 if you would like to text or call. I can then include pictures of the engine bay and anything else you would like to see. Its in my garage right now.
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